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10 years ago#11
So Jet's ability is a sneeze. Told a lot of people but they didn't believe me! :D Anyway, good job. I would also suggest going in order as well. I can't wait to hear about Amy's varying attacks w/ her hammer. ;)
10 years ago#12

Ah, so next is Amy, then Shadow. Interesting. As for 'pride,' yeah, I can easily see Shadow fitting in with that. He's also honourable, too. While everyone else (even Omega) refers to Eggman by his real name, 'Eggman,' Shadow calls him 'Doctor.' He also refers to Gerald as 'The Professor,' while everyone else either calls him Gerald, or Professor Gerald.

Nice info about Jet, by the way.

10 years ago#13
I'm wondering about Shadow's final screen of his abilities. Is that Chaos Control? Sees different to me. If it IS, then I'm for the new ability all the way!
10 years ago#14
Amy's bio isn't translating well - so it's very abridged. The attacks are pretty clear though. I admit I also want to move on to Shadow, but I'll try Amy again tomorrow - maybe things'll make more sense in the morning.

Amy Rose: earnestly pursuing Sonic, full of energy, this girl is in love with love.

Amy's Attack Techniques
Lvl 1 : "Here it comes!" threatening rivals to destroy their balance
Lvl 2 : Brandish your PikoPiko Hammer to repell and skip over rivals
Lvl 3 : Throw your PikoPiko Hammer to crush the competition flat
10 years ago#15
Oh, so she has two Piko Piko Hammer moves. I wonder if that goes for Shadow, as well. Two Chaos Control moves. Hmm...
10 years ago#16
Yeah, I mentioned his before. Both her screens show varying Hammer attacks but it wasn't clear what the differences for each were at the time. Thanks.
10 years ago#17
Last one for now; here's Shadow:

Shadow the Hedgehog: Similar in appearance to Sonic, this black hedgehog surpasses Sonic's speed. Using a chaos emerald, he posesses the unique "Chaos Control" ability to warp space-time. Beginning to experience extreme gear, he rides with his characteristic cool speed.

Shadow's Attack Techniques
Lvl 1 : Speak energy balls that appear as pure soap, surprising a rival
Lvl 2 : Turning and kicking repels and skips over rivals
Lvl 3 : Throw the enormous energy ball to bring rivals to a standstill

I'll pick up with the Power characters in the morning, as I know y'all are dying to get the "lowdown" on Eggman's 3rd level attack.
10 years ago#18
Pure soap?! :P I guess that's his "comical attack." Surpasses Sonic's speed? Yet another reference to Sonic Battle.
10 years ago#19
Pure soap was definitely NOT what I was expecting. On the other hand they do look rather like soap bubbles. And it certainly SHOULD surprise the rival. Will try to do some more today - especially if it keeps raining. :)
10 years ago#20
This one had a lot of hard-to-identify kanji, but it was the ones I was certain of that puzzled me - "to buy" and "to sell" . I wonder though if the last line of the bio means he really doesn't join the race at all until Egg Factory.

Knuckles the Echidna: Last of his race, Knuckles guards the Master Emerald. Famous treasure-hunter, master of martial arts. He has absolute self-confidence in his strength. Wild and tough, his stubborn personality can make his versatility ineffective. Tending to jump to conclusions, he is easily deceived by Eggman. Although initially he had no interest in this race, his characteristic quick-tempered personality "bought a quarrel for sale" from Storm and challenged him to a match of strength.

Knuckles' Attack Techniques
Lvl 1 : Beast's roar at rivals to detroy their balance
Lvl 2 : Swing the proud arm to repel and throw rivals
Lvl 3 : The proud fist is swung and the rival winds into a screw shape.
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