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That's very interesting... Although, he is playable from the start, so I think Knuckles is there at the beginning; he just doesn't get "interest" in the competition until Egg Factory.
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Storm the Albatross: The heavy tank of the Babylon Rogues. He may be lacking in intelligence, but this muscleman has the power to shatter rocks. Unusually strong in his loyalty to Jet, and so consequently takes rash action when Jet gets angry. However, although certainly quick-tempered, he is leisurely in his hate.

Storm's Attack Techniques
Lvl 1 : Use a large hand to destroy rivals' balance
Lvl 2 : Deal a slapping blow with the big hand to repel and throw rivals
Lvl 3 : Slap the ground with both palms, creating a vibartion to crumble a rival's balance

Sorry, didn't get to Eggman today. Will do him tomorrow and hopefully start the flight characters. These two had a lot more hard-to-identify kanji. At one point I had a fish turn up in one of the translations because I'd missed a single line, lol.
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Ah, so all Storm's moves are fist-related attacks? Interesting...
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BUMP! Don't want this topic to fall too far back before morning...
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ultimatlifeform posted...
Ah, so all Storm's moves are fist-related attacks? Interesting...

No surprise there. ;)

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Jet's Attack Techniques
Lvl 1 : The rival can be surprised by a big sneeze
Lvl 2 : Hits with Bashiyousen, repels and skips over the rival.
Lvl 3 : Like turning a frame in a film, he makes the rival twist into the shape of a screw

**Bashiyousen is a literal transliteration - it's obviously the palm fans but I can't translate the kana to reasonable English. Bashing (?)**

In the English Dub of Dragon Ball, Jet's weapon would be know as the Bansho Fan.
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From ChristSoldier3 :

In the English Dub of Dragon Ball, Jet's weapon would be know as the Bansho Fan.

Thanks. I've corrected it on my original file.
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Here you go - the actual answer to WHAT Eggman's third attack is: (although must of us know even if we don't want to believe it...)

Eggman: His name indicates his form. This character is of the egg-shaped body category. He has an exceedingly high IQ of 300 and intends to become the ruler of the world through world conquest. He regards Sonic as his lifetime enemy, because Sonic overturns his dearest wish for world conquest. What intention is he concealing this time, holding the World Grand Prix?

Eggman's Attack Techniques
Lvl 1 : Sound an enormous cracker to destroy a rival's balance
Lvl 2 : Attack with punching machine! to repel and throw rivals
Lvl 3 : Pour an intense fart on the competition to cloud their vision

And incidently, that's a party-favor type cracker, that throws streamers, not a firecracker or edible kind!
Flight characters to follow. Shall I do the courses after that? Or what would people like to see next ?
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Yeah, Flight characters would be good; I'm curious to learn about Wave, she seems to be the overlooked member of the Babylon Rogue team.
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