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10 years ago#201
Nice info. Too bad I already saw White Cave... now I just need to see Dark Desert and Babylon Guardian, and I've seen all the courses! Except for the Battle stages...
10 years ago#202
All right, this is now up as a FAQ. Now I can edit as necessary there.

One change I did make to the original is I've changed E10000R's bio slightly; I think the first E10000G on the site is a typo. Now that I've unlocked both and am certain that E-R IS Speed type, I think it should read as follows:

E10000R: The engine parts of Metal Sonic are contained in E10000[R], furthermore this version has greater maneuverability. It posesses parental authority to give direct instructions to the all E10000G command systems. Other than coloring, the direction of E10000G's head brim varies.

This is also supported by the fact that there is one E-R and many E-G's and the Red does appear to be in charge of the Greens in the Babylon story. The 3rd reference to E10000G in the bio could concievably be G or R, so I left it as the site had it.
10 years ago#203
Cool, now it's in FAQ format!
10 years ago#204
GLITCH! The topic has been duplicated!
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10 years ago#205
^Look, the first 200 posts in both topic are identicle. Someone get an admin in here, it's a bug.
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10 years ago#206
And my posts appear in both topics when I only post in one... HAX
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10 years ago#207

...moron... Don't you know anything about sticky topics? On Gamespot/Gamefaqs, when a topic is stickied, it'll be shown at the top of each page. However, it'll also be shown in the normal topic area. It's the exact same topic, just stickied. They're NOT duplicate topics.

10 years ago#208
Dark Desert is up; lots of screenshots of Rouge for those who like that sort of thing.

Translation to be posted shortly.
10 years ago#209
Dark Desert

The Finals approach! Storm is returning from sneaking into the Egg Factory. In his hand he grasps a chip stolen from Eggman's factory. Wave decodes the chip. Now the three learn the truth of the Babylon treasure. Is it as expected, the Babylon treasure? While approaching the real answer to the puzzle, the Finals are starting!

Course Overview:
The spreading darkness conceals an ancient civilization. The climax is displayed opposite the Colisseum on the outskirts; receiving the energy of the total solar eclipse, the ancient ruins that extended underground give the appearance of utter desertion. There was even the concept of gravity circulation to reach hyperspace. This area is also said to have intermingled with Babylon, catching a glimpse of the civilization at its height.

Course Capture:
1. In order that the rocky mountains do not become complicated, be careful with the course tricks.
2. Look carefully, there are now two layers. Is there a means of access?
3. As for here in this private house? Where is the entrance generally?

Map Highlights:
1. Starting point - The total solar eclipse shows a world of illusions. Run through it in the excitement of the Finals!
2. Stairs of Fate - At the terminus of the stairs is a front flip kickoff. Choose a great jump to advance to the fissure zone.
3. Secret pathway to temple - from the inner part of the fissure, the shapes of 3 consecutive kickoffs appear. Choose reliable tricks instead of overdoing it.
4. Temple Entrance - The route decides into three, for each respective type. Choose your type's route paying attention to the color of the signs and ground.
5. Inside the temple - Ignore gravity as you turn round and round in order to progress inside the temple. Without turning an eye, be careful of the types distinct skills.
6. Altar of Light - Borrow the power of the swirling light and hurry above ground.
7. Ancient dwellings of the desert people - Zigzag along the road and as you come out the Coliseum is right before you!

Huh, just realized while translating this one that the little dots running around the map are different colors for the Babylon courses than the Hero's ones; I'd looked at them previously to see if the direction changed on the courses so I don't think it was always like that.. Have also cleared up a few more "unidentifie" Kanji in some of my older translations to improve them; they'll go into the FAQ when I update it.
10 years ago#210
Ah, info on Dark Desert, now. They're almost to Sky Road. Maybe they'll add Digital Dimension and Babylon Guardian?
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