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Shadow shoots out soap and Eggman farts on people 0_o
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Shadow shoots out soap and Eggman farts on people 0_o

What is Sega smoking?
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Shadow DOESN'T shoot out soap--it's energy balls that "appears as pure soap." It looks like soap, but it really isn't. As for Eggman's third attack, that's what I thought it was. :P

After the Flight characters, yeah, go ahead and try the courses. I'd like to see if they explain the storyline up to that point or not, and some other things about each course.

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ok some one has to be killed in this games development team. Because Eggman and Shadow are just not aloud to be so uncool. seriously Eggfart and soap boubles. They just dont deserve this treatment. i mean eggman could of had a flashbang and shadow a glowing energy balls of pure energy.
and isent it AV who are doing this title? not sonicteam. or are the co-op?
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Shadow DOESN'T shoot out soap--it's energy balls that "appears as pure soap." It looks like soap, but it really isn't. As for Eggman's third attack, that's what I thought it was. :P

All in all, I hope that sega just leaves out the whole soap thing in the English version and call it bubbles of chaos energy or something.
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Bubbles would have made a lot more sense to me - maybe they made a mistake and meant "soap bubbles"? Actuall, I'll check and see what the word for bubbles is , maybe I goofed. But they did make a mistake with Tails, the bio actually calls him a "child gitsune" . I am assuming they meant Kitsune, as it means fox. So, Tails:

Miles "Tails" Prower: Real name Miles Prower. Nickname Tails. This child fox posesses a superior mind. He admires Sonic, and is proud to share adventures with him. Confident in his mechanical knowlege, he takes charge of the tune-up of Sonic's Extreme Gear, but because of Wave's " wanting to see the amateur setting", proud of his knowlege, he enters the World Grand Prix.

Tails' Attack Techniques
Lvl 1 : Direct a socket (electric current) at the rival, destroying their balance
Lvl 2 : Swing the socket to repel and throw rivals
Lvl 3 : Apply the socket (electric current) directly to a rival and electrify them.

My Dad would not be impressed, Tails is clearly swinging a PLUG, not a socket. But I can't manage to read "soketto" as plug, lol.
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Tails sounds like fun to play as.

*fries rivals repeatedly with electricity and laughs evilly*
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Thrippa posted...
Here you go - the actual answer to WHAT Eggman's third attack is: (although must of us know even if we don't want to believe it...) Eggman: His name indicates his form. This character is of the egg-shaped body category. He has an exceedingly high IQ of 300 and intends to become the ruler of the world through world conquest. He regards Sonic as his lifetime enemy, because Sonic overturns his dearest wish for world conquest. What intention is he concealing this time, holding the World Grand Prix? Eggman's Attack Techniques Lvl 1 : Sound an enormous cracker to destroy a rival's balance Lvl 2 : Attack with punching machine! to repel and throw rivals Lvl 3 : Pour an intense fart on the competition to cloud their vision And incidently, that's a party-favor type cracker, that throws streamers, not a firecracker or edible kind! Flight characters to follow. Shall I do the courses after that? Or what would people like to see next ?

Courses PUH-LEASE! Then Survival Mode, then information about the Shop if possible. Thanks in advance,

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It's funny when he electrocuted Amy in that video. Lol.
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All right, Courses it will be when I finish the characters. The reason I'd rather do them before the Modes is that a lot of the modes symbols are difficult to make out; I'm getting better with practive, but I think the Course pages look easier to read for the most part. Missing one little hash mark can turn "foolish" into a "chess bishop" !

Anyway, here's the mysterious Wave (and if you're wondering why some sites call her "Web", her kana name translates to Uebi)

Wave the Swallow: Super mechanic of the Babylon Rogues, repairing and upgrading the thieves' Extreme Gear. As a result of increasing her knowlege in her spare time, she is overflowing with self-confidence, an obstinate character who does not listen to another's advice or recognize their understanding on any matter. She respects Jet in his role as leader, but on the other hand feels towards him like an unreliable younger brother.

Wave's Attack Techniques
Lvl 1 : Run ahead of the rivals while preaching vehemently and destroying their balance
Lvl 2 : Swing an enormous spanner to repel and throw rivals
Lvl 3 : Attatch dynamite to their gear and turn the rivals densely black

Looks like they divvied poor ol' Bean up, Jet got his coloring and Wave got his dynamite.