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11 years ago#41
Wolf: What kind of candles are those?
Twitchy: Dee-na-mee-tay
Wolf: AHHHHH!!!
Bera: LawyerChaos lvl 29
11 years ago#42
She feels toward him like an "unreliable younger brother"? Interesting...
11 years ago#43
Here's Rouge. The second sentence - I'm sure of the words, but I'm wondering if I'm missing some context or something, it just sounds - odd. Kitsch I'm not sure about , can anyone else make anything out of "kichiyu"? (besides a sneeze?)

Rouge the Bat: World famous treasure hunter with special government duties (spy). Voluptuous and smelling like an adult woman, she is audacious and comely. Kitsch and mysterious. This sexy woman senses competition in Wave.

Rouge's Attack Techniques
Lvl 1 : Throw a kiss full of seductiveness to make your rival fall down drunk
Lvl 2 : Sexy heel kick to repel and throw rivals
Lvl 3 : Hit your rival with a bat bomb and burn them black

Oh and I'd gotten a wrong symbol on Wave's 3rd attack, her rivals should also be "burnt black" rather than dense. Sorry. Will do Cream tomorrow . Interesting that Rouge considers her to be competition - in business or pleasure?

11 years ago#44
...probably both. :P Obviously both she and Knuckles are rivals as well. I figured that she'd be a rival of Wave, though, considering that they are both ladies, and both can fly.
11 years ago#45
Voluptuous and smelling like an adult woman

O_O Smelling like an adult woman?
If you are reading this, i will be stealing your stuff because you are distracted while reading this.
11 years ago#46
^ the words specifically were : adult woman [direct object marker] to be fragrant; to smell; to stink; to glow. I supposed she could be glowing like an adult woman but that didn't seem to make much sense. Like I said, there may be some context I'm missing. At any rate I hope she never gets too close to Cream or we may have a matter/antimatter type explosion:

Cream the Rabbit: Daughter of a good family, brought up with butterflies and flowers,excedingly pure and meek. She is always accompanied everywhere by her dear Chao friend, Cheese. For two people riding the Extreme Gear - the cord. Cheese's attacks can overwhelm even powerful rivals!

Cream's Attack Techniques
Lvl 1 : Bewilder your rival by using a lot of tears to get your own way
Lvl 2 : Call out Cheese to repel and throw rivals
Lvl 3 : Call out Cheese to block your rival's sight

I wonder if her mother has any idea what her "exceedingly pure and meek" daughter gets up to?

CORRECTION to Shadow's attacks - I specifically looked up "soap bubble" and his first attack is :

Lvl 1 : Summon energy balls that appear as soap bubbles, surprising a rival

Like I said, I'm far from an expert - although I'm learning lots of new words and ways to look things up. WIll start on the courses next time, but housework needs to be done first :(

11 years ago#47

As I said earlier, it never said that Shadow's attack was soap, it said that it appeared as soap. :P

Ah, so Cream's first one IS a crying attack? Interesting.

11 years ago#48
You know the only thing worse than Eggman farting in your face?

Eggman farting in your face......in slow motion.
In the X-Men movies, none of the X-Men super-powers are done with special effects. Chuck Norris is the stuntman for every character.
11 years ago#49

ultimatlifeform posted...
...probably both. :P Obviously both she and Knuckles are rivals as well. I figured that she'd be a rival of Wave, though, considering that they are both ladies, and both can fly.

Think she'll think Wave is tryin' to make a move on Knuckles then get furious? LOL. That would be an amusing sight.

11 years ago#50
I decided to finish with the characters by taking another stab at the type descriptions and Amy's bio. (Much easier to translate once I realized that the three-sided boxes were not, in fact, three-sided boxes but squared off "horseshoes" - only a completely different character, lol). Amy's bio is ...interesting. I skipped the third sentence in the translation below because it says she's attacking Sonic's, um, "rear". Anyway: the type descriptions (on the color bar at the top where it identifies the type) and Amy Rose:

Speed type: Possesses average balance. Highest top speed of the three types. Type skill: "Grind" Glide along the rails placed in the course.

Power type: Initial speed is low, but increases nicely in the second half, poor decceleration. Type skill: "Exclusion" Knock away obstacles on the course.

Flight type: Initial speed is high, it is possible to mount up and move at speed, but top speed is low Type skill: "Air Glide" Glide making use of the [air rings] in the course.

Amy Rose: Earnestly pursuing Sonic, full of energy, this girl is in love with love. Easily gets people to turn around. [Maybe means she turns heads? or just that she's waving that hammer?] Behaves with recklessness, however she is sharp and has a pure heart. Now her woman's intuition (?) leads her to participate in the World Grand Prix so she can chase down Sonic unawares.

Amy's Attack Techniques
Lvl 1 : "Here it comes!" threatening rivals to destroy their balance
Lvl 2 : Brandish your PikoPiko Hammer to repel and throw rivals
Lvl 3 : Throw your PikoPiko Hammer to crush the competition flat

By the way, I've noticed some of these descriptions turning up on other boards. It's fine by me if you want to copy them, but do give appropriate credit, please; it takes me a couple of hours each to translate and type these up. Besides, do you really want to take credit for my mistakes?

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