who is your favorite rider

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8 years ago#1

my favorite is silver

8 years ago#2
amy, blaze, rouge, or wave. jet would round out my top 5 at #5, lol
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8 years ago#3
Why characters from ZG in the first game? o.0

Mine's Jet the bird :D
You just proved that sigs work.
8 years ago#4
I am king of the zero gravity boards >=D


Jet the hawk

favorite board is the G-Shot
the board of destruction
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8 years ago#5


8 years ago#6
Nights ftw!
8 years ago#7
Eh tails is all me he is my favorite character through out the sonic cast and i also like playing with nights aiai and storm......
8 years ago#8
Nights, Ulala and Amy.
8 years ago#9
my favorite is sonic & his blue star 2!
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