Super Sonic would be a lot better if...

#1ExpelswordPosted 10/15/2010 5:37:11 PM
...when you ran out of rings you could race as normal Sonic ON the Blue Star II until you collected 50 rings again.
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#2Distant_RainbowPosted 10/27/2010 11:16:31 AM
Exactly. That would've made the game playable with Chaos Emerald. It doesn't seem too broken either, given that you have to do quite well to get your Ring counter above 50 once you lose all your Rings.

As it is... once that happens, you're screwed until you get lucky and collect a 100-Ring, or even a 20 or 30-ring capsule. Until you get one of those, you leg the course while all the opponents laugh at you.

Gad, great concept for a gear, but in trying to make the gear less broken they went the whole length and made it crappy instead. Figures.
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