Is the PS3 version worth upgrading to if you love the 360 version?

#1PBottPosted 6/24/2012 7:59:14 AM
I recently rediscovered this game. I was a *HUGE* fan of the original PS2 game and knew it inside and out. I didn't care much for WotS2 because I felt it was a downgrade in the swordplay and graphics departments. I didn't really get into WotS3 despite picking it up not that long after it was released. I was able to get the best ending on the second playthrough and was dissappointed in the character designs which seemed really boring and plain compared to the first two games. So I put it back on the game shelf and didn't pick it back up until about a week ago. It really clicked with me this time and I've been playing it nonstop ever since. I still think the character designs are pretty weak looking, but the game underneath is a thing of beauty. The game is a perfect marriage of WotS1 and the positive things that WotS2 brought to the table.

So I've been unlocking all the accessory items. I had downloaded the DLC way back when. I have two accessories left to buy but it still seems like there's stuff missing. Where's the skull head for the skeleton body, or the cardboard head for the cardboard armor for example? There were pics of them on the DLC description. I read that there was a bunch of issues with the 360 DLC and most of it was removed from the marketplace since. I see that the PS3 had all the DLC for free. Considering I could pick up the PS3 version for relatively cheap, is it worth it for all the DLC?
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There isn't really "all the DLC". . .there's barely any DLC at all. Just 3 files, and they're all free. No real extra content at all.

You get the same accessories. . .cardboard suit/hat, skull suit/hat, etc. You also get weapon parts that Uriko, the DLC merchant sells at the Guard Gate. They're not whole weapons, just parts.

Anyway, the cardboard head and skull should've come in the same DLC pack. if it didn't, then I guess the XBox DLC file just isn't complete for some reason.

Also. . .if you tell me what you're missing on your accessory list (what's above and below it on the list), I can tell you where to get what you're missing. I suspect you might be missing the Mark of the King accessory, because it isn't listed on the shop list in the FAQ (neither are the bare handed scrolls). You can get the Mark of the King from the Fabled Merchant on Day 5 I think.
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The mark of the king and the ninja star were the last two things I was missing, and I found them on the last playthrough, so now I'm 85/85. What's the accessory total on the ps3 version? And how many sword parts does the PS3 offer over the 360?

And the skull head and cardboard head aren't anywhere in my accessory list or in the head list. The head and body list tell me they have a full count too.
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Skull Head and Cardboard Hat are in accessories, not heads.

There's only 8 heads for PS3 (pretty lacking imo).

My accessory list says 112, not 85. The cardboard hat and whatnot were pack of a large accessory DLC pack that included a lot of other things too.

I also have 27 total outfits.

If you wondered about the rest of it, weapon safe list says out of 102 there. 14 Partners, 27 endings (including all the credits).

There's three DLC packs in the PSN Store. . .

Weapon pack (Uriko at Guard Gate sells the weapon parts. The parts' stats are all pretty mediocre too. Very unimpressive. But they look interesting, like there's a big axe that's cool and like one other semi interesting weapon, but the stats are all garbage and you'd never use them as a serious weapon)

Head and Outfit pack (got quite a few outfits, but only like 1-2 are any good and I don't use either anyway)

And Accessory pack which I'm assuming for some reason isn't in the Xbox store since you're missing so many. It has some good stuff in it too. I think the black Ronin-Gasa is from that, which is by far the coolest hat (regulare gasa only jet black. Makes you look like a serious murderer if you wear dark samurai clothes with it). And some other crap too.
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Going through the menus on my 360 version I see:

8 heads
27 outfits
140 npc characters
85 accessories
14 partners
102 swords
50 titles
28 endings (including credits)

Alot of the "crazy" outfits that the dlc added are kind of pointless if you don't have the matching head accessory.

So if I bought the PS3 version I'd be adding 27 more accessories. Is it more backboards and flags? Or are they truly unique? How awful are the stats on the new weapon parts? Like completely unworkable? Can you give me an example of a stat on them?

I really appreciate your reply above. Thank you. :)
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You have the same number of everything it seems except Xbox apparently didn't add the accessories DLC for some reason. Btw, did you also not get the weapon DLC either? Trust me, that one is uselessanyway . I will give you specific examples in a second.

As for the accessories, most are crap tbh. I'll try to describe them first, then give you the stats for the weapon parts. Now, I forget when exactly the "new accessories" are list, so I'll just list the 34 things after the last thing I unlocked from samurai points. Just skip over the stuff you have already.

Angel Wings (white)
Angel Wings (black)
Angel Wings (gold)

All three don't look as good as you might think. They're spread out like you're about to go flying, rather than being sorta tucked in behing you like they normally would look. So all three just look gaudy rather than good.

Halo (small halo above your head). Looks okay, but it's small/barely visible

Mask (white ball mask. Actually looks interesting, but I think i got this in game)

Swan Toy (white 'duck dong' accessory that juts out from your crotch. Really funny looking, but it's gaudy, not "cool")

Tiara (white flowery metal hair crown like they'd give an 7 year old beauty queen)

Futuristic Glasses (there's both black and white versions. I think these are unlocked in game since they go with those "Tron suits".) Gaudy though, not natural looking

Type 74 (It's a small tank turrent that's attached to your back. . .it's weird and out of place)

Tiger Claw (one for left and right hands): Cool large claws that look like Wolverine's claws, 'cept there's four blades, not three. They don't increase bare handed damage.

Lost Skull (the skull helm you were talking about) Looks better than the dumb skeleton outfit easily.

Lama Cloak (big red cape) looks alright, you may or may not like it)

Lama Helm (gladiator helm?) Looks similar to the helm Russell Crowe wears in Gladiator that covers his face. It's pretty cool

Lama Shield (grey metal buckler attached to your right forearm). A non functional shield, but when you're wielding a one handed sword it looks really good.

Drill (large drill hat) Looks dumb, almost like a swirly ice cream cone. But if you like that out of place stuff, it's kinda funny

Ronin wig (black haired ronin wig tied into a couple knots). tbh, I think it looks dumb even though it's meant to look realistic and natural. It makes you look like Moe from Three Stooges with hair tied into samurai knots

Black Tengu Mask (a black tengu mask). Looks a lot scarier and more intimidating than the regular tengu mask

Black Ronin-Gasa (black straw gasa hat) Very cool-looking, and intimidating ronin hat. It makes you look like the final boss version of the killers that walk the streets at night and wear the regular straw gasas (the wide-brimmed hats, not the basket hats)

Cat ears (fake cat ears for top of head)

Gold Afro hair (looks terrible)

Black Demon Horns (they just out sideways and are really long, so it looks kinda dumb rather than cool)

Crazy Hair, gold color (dumb looking hairstyle)

Gag Glasses (glasses with large eyes painted on them) looks weird

Ghille Hat (goes with ghille suit) looks okay

Cardboard box hat (goes with cardboard suit) looks alright

Shoulder pad (right and left ones): silvery samurai armor pads. They look alright, sorta go with the lama outfit a little since they're the same color

Samurai helm (silver). Looks decent too

#7Sin JackalPosted 6/26/2012 1:07:16 PM
and lastly, you can also get three decorational weapons too.

Nature Sword (dagger tied around your waist, placed sideways on your back on the waistline). Looks very cool imo, like your guy has a backup blade he can draw fast for tight situations

Blessed Nodachi (large sword and sheathe on your back). Also looks very "in place", it's another one I wore a lot like the Nature sword

Divine Sword (another sword on your back, but angling the other direction of the blessed nodachi). You can actually wear all three of these blades together and they look like they fit together well.

Your dude looks armed to the teeth if you have all 3 of those on your and dual sword equipped. You'll have 5 blades on you. Add in some armor, and it's a pretty cool look. I ended up wearing all three of those swords + the black ronin gasa, the sake bottle, gourd, tool set, eye path, tribal earings, and monk bead necklace (enlarged) with the dark blue samurai robes. . and my dude looked really cool with all that on him.

So I guess it could be worth it to get some of that stuff, but I would say of the 27 extra pieces, maybe 4 are worth wearing, and the rest are crap.

As for the DLC weapons, well. . .the stats on them really are mediocre dude. I'll list the stats here.

For all parts (40 total parts), the "Quality" is always 1. Therefore a full DLC weapon is always going to have 4 Quality and that's it.

The weight for all parts is 0.

The dura doesn't matter for parts, but the dura of all parts is 1, with the occaisional part set having one piece with 2 dura.

The Attack and defense stats seem to just fluctuate between -3 and 3. That's it.

Skill points for all parts is random between 95 and 105.

So an "average" part would have stats that read:

0 weight, 1 dura, 1 quality, 0 atk, 0 def, 100 SP.

A 'maxed out" part will have:

0 weird, 1 dura, 1 quality, 3 atk, 3 defense, 105 SP.

In other words, the parts aren't completely useless, but you're looking at a weapon that will end up with a stat range of:

0 Weight

1/4 Quality

4-5 Durability (depends on the weapon)

-12 to +12 Attack

-12 to +12 Defense

380 to 420 skill points

Average being 0 atk, 0 defense, 400 SP, rest being the same of course.

So not terrible, but it's just not going to blow your socks off. Remember, that means you can just forge it 8 times, which means if you get all "15s" for attack, that's 120 max. Though all 15s is a lot to ask for. Let's say you hold out for 13s and some decent defense of 10-12. You're lookin at barely +100 attack and 80-85 defense. Add legendary to it, and you're looking at about 150 attack and 130 defense. If you spend a lot time forging it for great results, you might be able to get 150/150, or like 160/140. 200 if you Bloodthirsty it.

But if you're gonna spend that much time maxing out a created weapon, you might's well use the parts which have more quality and/or skill points. But yeah, the stats aren't so bad they're not worth using. It's just if you max it out, the stats end up being like a semi-lazily forged regular weapon with decent quality of 7-8.

There's ten 'parts sets" for the different swords. The sword types are:

Iron Chunk blade (guess you could call it a short and fat "Buster Sword". Large weapon)

Future Blade (light blue tinted luminescent blade)

Mechanical Blade (Chainsaw blade with bloodstains)

Paper Blade (rolled up paper weapon)

Iron Cullinarian Blade (oversized butcher knife)

Plush Blade (looks like a classic expensive longsword, not a joke teddy bear weapon)

Seaworthy Blade (another tuna weapon, only looks better)

Field Grown Blade (another onion weapon)

Viking Blade (large battle axe, looks cool)
#8Sin JackalPosted 6/26/2012 1:11:15 PM
I would say the DLC stuff is fun, and if you really enjoy WOTS3 that much and don't mind starting over and would like a little bit of extra fun stuff, then I guess it could be worth it. All the DLC is free at least, so you'd only be buying the game itself. But yeah, tbh, despite there being 27 more accessories and 10 new weapons, I would say only maybe half of the weapons look cool enough to even warrant use (the buster sword, future blade, chainsaw, axe, and longsword), but only 4-5 of the accessories.

Anyway dude, that's about as descriptive as I can be I think. . .if you want me to take pictures of any of these items, I can do that for you with my phone. . .PM me your cell number and I'll send you pics of any of those things if you want. Just don't ask for too much 'cause pics send kinda slow. I'll do like up to 5 pics of whichever item. I could also take pics of all the accessories on my character or whatever combination of stuff on there at once if you'd like, such as a DLC weapon + accessories on some combination you prefer.
#9PBott(Topic Creator)Posted 6/26/2012 5:26:46 PM
Sin Jackal, thank you for your very informative replies!

I'm going to scope out the used PS3 section the next time I'm at Gamestop, and if it's pretty cheap, 10-15 dollarish, I might bite. I found some pics of the Roman cape and helmet, and some of the other stuff. If I can squeeze a tiny bit more enjoyment out of the game for cheap, I will because I don't see myself minding having to re-unlock everything again. But you did make a good point in your posts, there's not really that much more there.
#10Sin JackalPosted 6/26/2012 7:13:15 PM
Yeah there's not much you're missing. 2 of the 8 "new weapons" are old weapons. . .all you're getting is the parts for them that weren't there before. The new weapon parts all have pretty average stats (better than the garbage tier of parts, but clearly worse than the top tier stuff).

Some of the new accessories look cool, but really. . .none of the new DLC changes the gameplay at all. Just allows you to look a little bit cooler as you stroll around.