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RockmanZeroEXE posted...
Pretty sure it's confirmed right now that it's battleship at 1% HP

there's three, one is the battleship at 1%, then two 1 digit ones, one for an ally and one for an enemy.
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Shaded_Phoenix posted...

The Japanese is "Saifu-lash!?", where "Saifu" means wallet. The joke, obviously, is that it's phonetically similar to "Cyflash!". I have no idea how to translate that while keeping the joke.

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...Nice. I like that.
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Battleship is easier because all you need to do is to survive an enemy turn at 1% HP, which means you can map it yourself (with Mercy...if it's still in) and run away.

As for single digit HP, ever happened to me a couple of times for the enemy:

But never for my characters yet, so that'll be by far the hardest to get ^^;
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