Official Ship sent confirmation thread

#461jonnovision1Posted 12/6/2012 1:44:31 PM(edited)
GeeCG posted...
not to instill fear into anyone who has yet to receive their order, but I preordered from play asia using fedex as the carrier. The tracking froze on 'International shipment release - Import' on the 2 of December, and I have yet to have any updates.

called fedex - who dont know where it is and are 'looking into it'.

I envy all you guys who managed to get urs


same thing happened to me but on the 4th, I didn't message them until just now though.

okay I figured I'd post the top part anyway but literally right after I typed it out they showed up at my door with it! finally!

also it's still on International Shipment Release on tracking, so maybe yours is the same case?
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