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4 years ago#151
Don't feed the troll, guys. Sazuke has made himself notorious in a way that he bashes the whole Masou Kishin cast (except Masaki, Shu, Ryune and Xenia) like some crybabies demanding attention... and now he's trying to get attention by attacking Kane's topic.

Just show him his VIP seat to your Ignore List and be done with it.
Hey, maybe you should try looking for anime to watch. Hm...
4 years ago#152
I'll let the mods or admins determine that. =P
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4 years ago#153
Stage 54 Earth Route:

At Fed HQ, Arteil was discussing with Casbal and his screw up however, Casbal replies back that Barrel would have eventually cast a barrier. Casbal continues to mention the barrier surrounding the Antarctica had decreased and Luina has been quiet ever since. He speculates they might be cautious on Barrel and it's there luck of chance to begin there Operation Ice Breaker. He asks Arteil to cooperate. Arteil mentions he'll cooperate if the Feds hand over KRS. Casbal plays dumb like he has no idea what he's talking about but mentions that he'll capture them only in condition GS doesn't intervene there search of pursuing the KRS. Although Arteil knowing he's playing hardball, he agreed and cutoff. Daniel then asked if Casbal was serious which he replies he's playing mind games with him and now interested on Arteil's next move.

At Grand Christmas, Arteil plans are still moving accordingly but wonders what Son Gan Long was mentioning about ranking up the humans which he rushes for his next plans in case Barrel becomes a threat for them. For now, he feels Luina nor Guest to be a threat and order's Nibhal to ignore them for the meantime. Arteil order Gamma Saber to move and have Casbal to make his next decision.

At Hagwane, Lamia reports the barrier had surround the whole earth excluding Antarctica's barrier. Also unable to pass through the barrier but unlike the previous events, sun light still passes through and no other casualties were reported. Also communication through space were cut-off. Other's were wondering how to bypass this time around. Lamia continues they have two possiblities. 1 being, destroying Garden of Barrel or 2, bypassing Luina's barrier to escape out to Space. Excellen however suggest if they can pay Son Gan Long something to cross the boarder. Kai orders other to wait till further notice. As for Irui, she was still missing. While no evidence, Rishu thinks there's a possibility she was kidnapped by Barrel but for what reason, he has no clue.

At the Bridge Tetsuya mentions the pursuit from GS has stopped due to the negotiation between Casbal and Arteil. Ratsel finds it hard to believe when a signal rises with Luina approaching.
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4 years ago#154
At the map, Luina appears. Arado a bit shock to see Luina still out to mess around. Gracies thinks that Umbra believes they'll win as long as there Destruction Lord awakens. Gracies and Ventus reconfirms there will to fight against Luina to Josh and Rim.

After shooting down 20 units, Gamma Sabers appears destroying the remaining Luina grunts. Although KRS were reported with GS won't continue to pursuit, apparently Murata being the new captain tells others to attack KRS. Tetsuya tries to convince them to stop attacking them as there should be an order from GS side to not attack them but Murata ignores what Tetsuya says. Shennu and others as well doesn't seem to care and rather attack the KRS regardless if Luina or Barrel is there top priorities. Plus they mention they never received orders to stop pursuing KRS. Rishu asks why he's with GS instead of DC. Murata replies ever since he returned to earth, the DC had disappeared which he has no clue what happened to them thus decided to find a new master. Rishu tells Murata that they shouldn't be fighting since there's other issue to resolve first. Murata however doesn't care and rather fight against strong opponents that are in front of him. Shian then mentions to KRS they have nothing to worry since once they eliminate them, they'll go ahead and eliminate Luina and Barrel next. Ratsel then suggest Tetsuya to defend which he agrees.

After defeating (or Chopping down) Murata, he'll retreat leaving the typical villain line of "This battle is not over, Sanger, Rishu!".

At briefing room, Ratsel speculates Casbal might have used KRS as a bait to lure GS. He further warns Tetsuya that they may be facing Grand Christmas first before heading to Antarctica. Tetsuya however believes they still should avoid facing if it's unnecessary to fight. Rishu feels Tetsuya feelings are correct and never should forget there primary actions are for to save earth regardless they may be having harsh times, eventually justice will direct to them.

Meanwhile, the Meriol Esse were discussing the traitors (Gracies and Ventus) leading them Meltempulm. Umbra decides to strengthen there defense. Though Contagio thinks it's pointless but Umbra feels they shouldn't underestimate there powers. And Ignis being shock knowing Gracies is now against them, he decides to end her which he no longer wants to see her broken any further.

Stage 54 Earth Route end.
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4 years ago#155
Ignore the troll!! Keep up the great work, we ALL appreciate your effort, except the troll!! :)
4 years ago#156
Stage 55 Earth Route:

At Fed HQ, Daniel reports GS had attacked KRS. As Casbal speculated Arteil would bite into there bait. He figured regardless he had power already in the political area which was well possible of him taking control of earth if he wanted to, he decided not to which Casbal speculate KRS holds the key. He then orders to attack Grand Christmas as he feels that's what Arteil's intentions are. He mentions he kept KRS as insurance for situations like this to come across without hurting there position if anything fails.

At Hagwane, Jaycob let's Tetsuya know there next mission. He alerts him that if they're intentions are to attack them, then eliminate the enemy and dominate the Grand Christmas. He mentions that Casbal wants to figure out Arteil's true intentions before proceeding to there next mission. Jaycob however doesn't fully agree with this mission but regardless he feels GS will continue to attack KRS. Tetsuya believes that if they can avoid any conflicts, he preferes to avoid them and he believe by continuing to protect the earth from threats like Luina and others. He feels that if Capt. Daitetsu was alive, he would have done the same judgement as himself. Jaycob was pretty impressed by his thoughts and in the end agreed. Jaycob mentions they are free to retreat if they feel if situations turns out tough and wishes them goodluck before he cuts off.

At Grand Christmas, Nibhal reports Hagwane is heading towards Grand Christmas. Arteil praises Casbal being a very intelligent leader putting him in the same scale with Luina or Barrel. But regardless, he had speculated he would do this. Nibhal mentions that Prof. Toumine is requesting to deploy. He mentions Prof. Toumine has a plan using the captured Jinrai (Raioh). Arteil approves.

Back at Hagwane, Axel was training Touma. Others were impressed at Touma and his guts. Even training during battle with Lune's super heavy wrist bands equipped. Excellen was rather more impressed Axel is teaching others. Then alert signal rises.

At map, mass production Jinrai appears. Seeing Raioh appear. Prof. Toumine contacts Hagwane and mentions to return him the Jinrai and his daughter. If they do, he mentions to avoid the battle. Seeing Minaki appearing, Prof. Toumine mentions he's disappointed on her to go against him regardless on her knowing how much he felt against Bian neglecting him. He then mentions that she was her pride ever since she was able to handle the lab by herself. He asks Minaki to return back and she can only live aside of him. He mentions that she and her together can be used Jinrai in it's true form. Minaki asked why BSK mode was implemented. He replies that it was needed. Touma intervenes the conversation and mentions he's wrong. Touma tells him that Raioh and Minaki is not his toy for his personal revenge. Prof. Toumine was impressed on system LIOH seeing that it's capable even used by an amateur. Touma mentions he caught into a mess because of the system but it's now resolved. Minaki mentions that Raioh is now changed to protect the earth. Prof. Toumine then replies that she should then return to him since GS are the ones that will defeat Luina & Barrel. Ratsel and Sanger both disbelieves he will use Raioh for the good judging from his actions in the past events. Minaki asks him to stop. Touma then tells Minaki he'll stop her dad and change his despicable attitude.
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4 years ago#157
After a few turns. Touma approaches near Prof. Toumine. And now that Raioh was close by, Prof. Toumine forcefully activates the system LIOH. System LIOH reboots and activates S-BSK Mode and Touma goes berserk. Prof. Toumine mentions he predicted Minaki would have restricted the system LIOH but couldn't remove it due to needing it's resister to control Jinrai. He mentions he suggested her originally to create that way so that he can keep an insurance in case his Jinrai were to be captured. He mentions that humans are just a tool to operate the system LIOH. Lamia mentions that it reminds her of the ODE system. (*OG Gaiden with Yulgen's Baltoll) He replies that his system is far more supreme than the ODE or Game System. He then orders Jinrai to attack the Double G. Others were hesitating to stop Touma. Prof. Toumine then mentions that it's useless to kill the pilot since the BSK mode will still continue to activate. Minaki then activates a bomb she sets on the system Lioh and forces to stop the activation. Thus, Touma returns to his conscious. Prof. Toumine was shocked to see her destroy there system LIOH. Minaki replies she had decided to place the bomb ever since she saw the BSK Mode. Prof. Toumine mentions that it was foolish of her. Touma then mentions that she proved by saving him and destroying system LIOH herself that she can live and decide on her own judgement. Prof. Toumine then mentions he knows nothing and can no longer move well without system LIOH. He then summons two mass Jinrai and changes plans to capture Raioh instead. Touma mentions that his body is extremely heavy but decided on his own to fight. Sanger advices him that him and the unit are one which is the step to control the JINKI. Axel tells Touma to remove the wrist and ankles and master the move he taught him. Then Touma uses his full strength to show Minaki his finish blow. With that, Prof. Toumine was shocked how he managed to move. Touma mentions he was doing some old fashion training. He then continues that regardless Prof. Toumine had created Jinrai, who's tuning the Raioh is Minaki and others. He thanks others who've trained and believed in him. Toumine mentions he won't last long even if he's a tough one. Touma replies he'll show Raioh's true strength that's purpose to protect the earth.

After defeating the enemy battle ship (Stalk). The enemy captain calls everyone to retreat. However, Prof. Toumine was shocked by his defeat, he was going delusional still believing he's far more intelligent than any other scientist like Yulgen, Azuma or Bian. He lastly mentions Minaki she'll pay for what she's done and will eventually have the Double G destroyed and poof. The ship explodes.
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4 years ago#158
Back at the Hagwane's hangar, Touma apologies to Minaki for killing his father. Minaki said it was fine and felt that was the only choice they had to stop him. She mentions she had accepted this day would have happened ever since she changed Jinrai to Raioh.

Minaki: So, I will be parting with my past... I will forget about my father and Jinrai. And stay with Raioh...

Touma: (C, Could it be...? She wants to stay with me!? Perhaps my feelings has finally reached her!?)

Touma: (N, no... That's too inconsiderate of me! Minaki just lost her father and is depressed over it. I can't believe what I was thinking...!)

Touma: (But someday, the time will heal her heart... And when the day comes... I... I'll...!)

Minaki: Um.... Touma?


Minaki: Eh...?

Touma: Ah... No! Forget what I just said... No, don't forget what I said actually... No, what I meant was...!

Minaki: ....Thank you, Touma. Although, I'm not sure what your trying to tell me...

Touma: Minaki...

Minaki: I will... From now on I will be fighting along side with Raioh and KouRyu-Sentai members.

Touma: (Members... Huh.... Yep... I thought so...)

Minaki: Touma... I would like you to help me. Raioh will be needing you.

Touma: Fine with me. You, me, and Raioh are now a team.

Minaki: Yes.

Touma: I promise you, Minaki. With the Raioh you've created, I will protect the Earth.

Touma: (And, one day for sure, I will remove all your sadness from you.)

Back at the meeting room, Tetsuya tells others to prepare a harsh battle between GS and Arteil. Others were pumped up and ready. Ryoto mentions to Ing that the Ex-Exbein's trump card is almost ready.

Stage 54 Earth Route End.
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4 years ago#159
KaneBlueriver posted...
Back at Hagwane, Axel was training Touma. Others were impressed at Touma and his guts. Even training during battle with Lune's super heavy wrist bands equipped. Excellen was rather more impressed Axel is teaching others. Then alert signal rises.

so that explains why he had wristbands in his pilot cut-ins. ingenious
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4 years ago#160
Stage 56 Earth Route:

At Grand Christmas, Arteil was announcing his own story and events on what had happened. (KRS's betrayal to humanity, Shu Shirakawa's fake propaganda, Casbal's ambition) He orders to capture the Hagwane and approves on attacking if they're still insisting on resistance. Though, he orders to capture Re-Tech and Meriol Esse units undamaged as much as possible. Karlee however still finds it odd on Arteils orders. He then speculates on the previous events and for him, he feels Arteil's letting KRS go intentionally. He then concludes he has other intentions than what he says.

Meanwhile, Elde was convincing to use AI-1 for Model-X though Mital still declines. Mital then straight off tells her he has no intention to use AI-1 as he believes it'll be dangerous. Elde then points a gun towards Mital. She mentions she'll do anything for her child. Mital then breaks down and considers to use AI-1 and begs for his life. Elde then mentions she did the same to Albero and tells Mital good bye and shoots him.

At the map, GS were waiting and preparing for battle. Karlee then contacts Hagwane and warns them to surrender and hand over all the machines and will attack if disobeyed. Tetsuya then mentions the death of Pres. Glassman was not only there fault and there's doubtful actions towards the GS as well. Karlee then replies the video that was broadcast is a fake and warns them they attack if he continues to ask questions. Regardless, Tetsuya asks to slide there issue for now till they resolve the threats behind earth. Karlee then orders to prepare on firing. Tetsuya mentions that there enemy is Luina and Barrel. He then asks if he really believes in all Arteil's actions. Tetsuya continue to mention he doesn't believe in Arteil and he's scheming something. Karlee then replies they're the GS organised by Arteil and intention to protect the earth an have no intention on doubting him. Tetsuya though mentions he doesn't believe it. Karlee however continues to say his intention is to protect the earth. Tetsuya then tells Karlee that he has doubts on there roots on power. He then mentions he'll just move on and ask Arteil's intention himself. Karlee then orders to fire. Tetsuya then activates the barrier field to avoid damage and scrambles all units.
Karlee mentions they're foolish to think they can passby them. Tetsuya agrees he feels foolish on fighting when he knows who he needs to fight but mentions he's going through them. The boosted children were enjoying the situation as they believe this will populate there "brand". Shennu mentions she'll take them to where Aurum 1 (Ouka) is. She also tells them to say hi to Agira & Adora even though they hate them, they're also appreciate them a little. Arado mentions no matter what they think, he's going to pass through and if they don't want to die, then scram. Murata mentions it's time for them to fight for death. Sanger and Rishu mentions they end his evil sword with there Zankantou.

After defeating Murata. Rishu claims he never mastered the path of a swordsman. He mentions that he "lost" the truth like his machines name "Mumyou" (Mumyou =/= Lost) And poof, he's gone.

After defeating Shian, he screams he doesn't want to be a loser and poof he explodes.

After chopping down Air Christmas, Arteil orders Karlee to retreat to the defence line.

After defeating Shio, he sceams it's impossible of him defeated and wants to kill them all. Then poof, he explodes.

After defeating Shennu, she screams it's not over for her yet and her name will be bigger once she defeats them. She mentions she can't die yet and that boosted children are tough and will escape from here. However, her escape entrance was stuck and poof, she's gone.

After defeated everyone, Tetsuya orders them to move on.

Stage 56 Earth Route End.
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