Ex-hard playthrough log w/ video

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Hi all, I'm starting an Ex-Hard playthrough log w/ video. On top of the usual limits of Ex-Hard, I'm aiming for low turn counts, no allied units defeated in battle, and I'll avoid save/loading to land 5% chances to hit and similar RNG-ish things. I'm going to try to defeat fleeing bosses if it doesn't mess with turn counts.

Animations will be on for final attacks on bosses at the end of a scenario, but otherwise left off for grunts, etc.

Ex-Hard video playlist: All videos are in 720p resolution (click the gear button in the lower right and select 720p or HD)


My first playthrough was a no pp/upgrade run as training for ex-hard. I made it through that run in 308 turns, and I'm hoping to get under 300 turns this time despite the increased difficulty. Here is the first playthrough thread for reference:

So what's different about ex-hard? You can't upgrade anything or spend any pilot points. Any unit that used to join pre-upgraded now joins with no upgrades. All enemies get +3 upgrade bars to their stats and weapons. All enemies get a kill count boost, so you'll run into aced enemies earlier. The difficulty is always hard regardless of SR points.

As an estimate, all enemies on ex-hard will have about 900 more HP, 30 more energy, 180 more armor, 15 more mobility, and 24 more accuracy. Enemies that normally had 0 weapon upgrades gain +350 power, enemies that normally had 3 weapon upgrades gain +450 power, and enemies that normally had 6 weapon upgrades gain +600 power. Enemies also get ace bonuses sooner.

It's a slight difficulty increase, but it's still not difficult aside from a couple scenarios near the end. In fact it's one of the easiest Ex-Hard modes next to Alpha 3. The large majority of scenarios are nowhere near Z Ex-Hard or other SRW games like Alpha Gaiden or A Portable.

Considering I 1 turned the final scenario with no pp/upgrade on my first run, I don't see why I won't be able to do the same on ex-hard if the final boss only has an insignificant HP/armor boost and an irrelevant damage/acc/evade boost.

I'm also working on an ex-hard tier list.. will post that soon.

Right now I've got video up of Ryune's route. Check the playlist or this thread for more updates.
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Scenario 1: Starless Sky
SR Point: Have Ibis destroy 2 units while Raul destroys one.
3 turns

It's possible to randomly fail the SR point if your pilots miss too much. Place Raul and Ibis next to eachother so they can support attack/defend.

Visit Hiryu Kai Route

Scenario 2: Subterranean World
SR Point: Shoot down 2 or more units in a single attack.
2 turns (-1)

Move forward, attack/counter. MAP attack for the SR point. Reduced 1 turn by getting the SR point on PP2 (56% chance to hit 3 grunts, only need to hit 2 for the SP), then counterkilling the rest of the grunts. 2 turning is slightly RNG-ish.

Scenario 3: Reunite with Beowulf
SR Point: Shoot down the Gildora. It will retreat at 4000 HP.
3 turns

Move forward, attack/counter. You need both Yan Long and Ryune's counterattacks on turn 3 to hit if you want to 3 turn it this time. Ryune has a 42% chance to hit at best, so 3 turning is slightly RNG-ish.

Scenario 4: Battle at Dank
SR Point: Shoot down all units except the boss within 3 turns.
4 turns

Move forward, attack/counter. The boss has nothing to do with the SP, even though it's listed in the conditions. The boss flees at 6k. On ex-hard it's more difficult to kill the boss on 4 turns. I used Katina + Tasuku w/ Strike with Ryune and Russel support attacking. Tasuku can't reach the boss to punch it by turn 4.. he needs a little help from Katina.

Scenario 5: Various Justice
SR Point: Shoot down all units except the Fortress Sodiumu within 3 turns.
3 turns (-1)

Use Kyosuke + Yan Long w/ Continuous Attack to move far into enemy attack range early on. On ex-hard at least, you can't destroy the grunts and take the boss down 7500 HP at the same time. I finished this a turn earlier by counterkilling the remaining grunts on EP3, mostly with Kyosuke + Yan Long.

Scenario 6: The Valley of Spores
SR Point: Defeat all enemies within 5 turns.
4 turns

Move forward, attack/counter. After defeating enough grunts, more show up, but they are easily dispatched. Not much different on ex-hard.

Scenario 7: Surprised Attack
SR Point: Shoot down the enemy boss. It will retreat at 8500 HP.
4 turns

Katina Kyosuke Giganscudo -
Ryune Yan Long - -
Russel Tasuku Gespy MkII N Gespy MkII N
Gennancy - -

+1 mov on Giganscudo

Move forward, attack/counter. After defeating enough grunts, the boss shows up at 2 o clock. Use a twinned support attack to take the boss down. Ryune's Fighting Spirit is great for fleeing bosses in general. I did it w/ Katina + Yan Long w/ Strike and Ryune support attacking w/ Fighting Spirit (100% support attack damage + guaranteed crit).

Scenario 8: Faith and Doubt
SR Point: Shoot down 10 units in 3 turns.
3 turns (-1)

Move forward, attack/counter. Ignore the optional boss and take out the tank battleship to finish. The optional boss flees at around 15k or so, I don't have the firepower to take him out on ex-hard.

Scenario 9: Shadow of Volkrus
SR Point: Clear the map in 2 turns.
0+4 turns

1 turn the first part by sending Katina + Kyosuke ahead w/ Continuous Attack, then dealing counterkills. 2nd part all you have to do is move a unit next to Leona to finish. I sped things up by using Continuous Action to rush Kyosuke + Katina ahead.

Scenario 10: Kirkus's True Intention
SR Point: Clear the map in 5 turns.
3 turns

Same as normal mode.

Scenario 11: Sword of the Spirit Realm
SR Point: Destroy the battleship. It will retreat at 8500 HP.
4 turns

Same as normal mode.

Scenario 12: Encounter
SR Point: Shoot down all enemies then defeat Saphine. She will retreat at 8000 HP.
3 turns (-1)

Same as normal mode.
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Scenario 13: Kirkus's Eyes
SR Point: Destroy the enemy battleship within 4 turns.
3 turns

Same as normal mode.

Scenario 14: Seb Shrine
SR Point: Defeat all enemies within 5 turns.
3 turns

Same as normal mode.

Scenario 15: Pursuit of the Shutedonias
SR Point: Shoot down the named enemy boss within 5 turns. He will retreat at 7000 HP.
3 turns

Same as normal mode.

Scenario 16: General of the Defeated Army
SR Point: Defeat 3 Volkruses within the same phase.
3 turns

Same as normal mode.

Scenario 17: Ewleed, the Hyper-Elemental Machine
SR Point: Shoot down the Valcion Kai Type CF within 4 turns.
4 turns

4 turns still, but I had to take a different strategy. It's too risky throwing Leona and Ryune into the grunts this time because of their increased accuracy/damage, so I advanced gradually preserving my SP so I could defeat Karx in a single turn.

Do Not Visit Hiryu Kai Route

Scenario 2: Summons
SR Point: Destroy the Guarlion. (Retreats when HP falls below 4500)
4 turns

Defeat the initial enemies and the boss will show up. Scenario doesn't end when you defeat the boss.. all the grunts have to die as well.
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Do Not Visit Hiryu Kai Route

Scenarios 2B-5B:

Scenario 2: Summons
SR Point: Destroy the Guarlion. (Retreats when HP falls below 4500)
4 turns

Defeat the initial enemies and the boss will show up. Scenario doesn't end when you defeat the boss.. all the grunts have to die as well.

Scenario 3: Ambush at Immortal
SR Point: Destroy all (initial) enemy units. Enemies will retreat if Baeform(バフォーム) is shot down or when there are only 2 units left.
4 turns

Masaki has to MAP down 3 or more enemies to get the SR point, including the Baeform. More RNG-ish on Ex-Hard since enemies have better mobility. Save a use of Focus for Masaki's MAP. Once the initial enemies are gone, more grunts show up at 10 o clock. Finish those off to end the scenario.

Well one thing is for sure.. Masaki's route is more interesting than Ryune's grunt filler route.

Scenario 4: Soraties Shrine
SR Point: Achieve victory condition within 3 turns. (Destroy all enemies)
2 turns

Whoops spoke too soon. Here comes the grunts. Lots of counterkills for the 2 turn.

Scenario 5: Demon Hack
SR Point: Destroy 7 Demon Golems within 2 turns.
5 turns

Once you take out the grunts, some kind of super grunt appears. I guess it's a boss. Take that out and a machine child shows up. She has 31k HP and good evasion, so you'll need to save your SP to hit her. Reduce her below 7500 HP or destroy her mech to make her flee.
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第6話: コーラルキャニオン
Scenario 6: Coral Canyon
SR Point: Do not inflict any damage to Aya, Rai or Viletta.
3 turns

Scenarios 6B-7B:

I've been liking Masaki's route more than Ryune's route. It has more stuff going on and it's more interesting. I think when you reduce the bships health low enough the Tyutti scene automatically happens, and since the bship is already under 8000 HP, the scenario then automatically ends.

I managed to kill the fleeing boss in this scenario, but the results were not pleasant.

第7話: 喪われた記憶
Scenario 7: The Lost Memory
SR Point: Destroy 15 or more enemies within 3 turns.
4 turns

Once you damage the bship a bit, Cyan shows up nearby. Damage it a bit more and Yuki and Carla arrive. Damage the bship to about 50% and some grunts spawn along the forest area. The bship retreats at 6k, Cyan retreats at 12.5k. The bship is easy pickings for a kill and it drops a booster. The other boss is more annoying and drops nothing but is still possible to kill.. barely.
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Apparently the youtu.be links don't like &hd=1 suffix

Scenarios 6B-7B:

Scenarios 8B-9B:

Scenarios 10B-11B:

Scenario 8: Zamzeed's Soul
SR Point: Destroy 10 enemies by the end of turn 2's ally phase.
3 turns

Damage the bship and it will summon some grunts near your starting position. Damage it some more and the Zamjeed will arrive piloted by an enemy. Reduce it under 5k HP without destroying it to finish. The bship doesn't flee and drops a chobham armor, so try to destroy it if possible.

Scenario 9: The Captive Queen
SR Point: Destroy all enemies except Sodeum Class Mobile Fortress by the end of turn 5's ally phase.
4 turns

Defeat enough grunts and Xenia appears next to the bship as an ally. You have to destroy all grunts before taking out the bship. The bship won't flee so no worries there.

Scenario 10: The road to the Royal Capital
SR Point: Destroy 15 enemies except Guildolla within 3 turns.
After reinforcements, destroy 15 enemies except Guildolla and Kerberion Avenir within 3 turns.
3 turns

Once you defeat a certain number of grunts, Shio arrives at 9 o clock. Shio ups the ante by fleeing at 15k instead of 12.5k, but it's still possible to get her. I destroyed her mech with an attack from Irm + Rai w/ Fighting Spirit supported by Excellen and Mai. Defeat Zaresu to end the scenario.

Scenario 11: Kirkus's Ambition
SR Point: Achieve victory condition by the end of turn 4's ally phase. (Destroy all enemies)
3 turns

A grunt mop up scenario, like you'd find in most of Ryune's route. Mostly a chance to level up your pilots.
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Scenario 12: Telius' Flight
SR Point: Achieve victory condition by the end of turn 5. (Reduce Solguddy's HP below 5500)
2 turns

Scenarios 12B-13B:

3 fleeing bosses, all of them running for it under 7000 HP. I only managed to get one of them with a 2 turn clear. The Dual Sensor on Browel is probably the best part to pick up. Reduce Ahmad below 5500 HP to finish.

Scenario 13: The Cost of Ambition
SR Point: Destroy the Guarlion within 2 turns.
4 turns

Pretty simple scenario here. Rush forward, kill everything in the way, then take out Karx's bship. As soon as you hit Karx he summons some grunts nearby. The bship has about 46.5k HP and Karx has double action. Unfortunately that only hastens his demise since you can counterattack him twice as much. Ing just joined the party, so you know things are about to get crazy.
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nice work, keep up.

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