think they'll bring back multi map stages?

#1VermilionXPosted 2/15/2013 7:13:09 PM
Replaying MX right now and was reminded of this feature.

I think it brings a nice change instead of the usual 2 part stage.
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#2Mutsu_KenichiPosted 2/15/2013 10:03:28 PM
Yeah, that's pretty nice feature. Some unit like should have "cross map" attack. Maybe Aquarion's Mugen Punch.
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#3Vicious7Posted 2/15/2013 11:25:52 PM
I hope they do, it adds another layer to the game, no pun intended.
#4superobo4everPosted 2/16/2013 9:44:17 PM
I hope they do bring it back, its so cool! one of the reasons why I played MX like9 times :D
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