Do you think there is a hope for OG variant of @Gaiden game?

#1KazeKoichiPosted 2/17/2013 9:12:11 AM(edited)
I kinda understand why OG @G game wasn't made. @G storyline is poor on original characters. It's only introduces Sanger and Machinery Children, with main focus stays on several cataclysms and Black history.

I still think it can be done by mixing @G with Z storyline. A cataclysm happened that created ZONE and other bad things from Z in future or parallel universe, whatever. There is still a problem: the Earth Cradle is no more in OGverse. But... there is still a way around it. How about the Earth Cradle from Shadow-Mirror universe? If we place the story in SM universe, we can have EC and Magus, and we can learn more about Beowulf. 2 by the price of 1! There is awfully little about Beowulf we know so far, so there is a chance to expand this.

The underground enemies, like Dinosaur empire, can be replaced by Volkruss. And this way Asakim can be Masaki from SM universe, giving a chance to expand his story further. And maybe add counterparts to the other Masoukishin. What is left is to add some enemies from the moon (Fury?) and we are set.

So, quite a descent game can be made if @Gaiden, Z, Shadow Mirror and some more are mixed together. I'm not saying such game would ever be made. But DUUUUUUUUUUUDE, if such game is made, it would be AWESOME!
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#2shiro ashtaPosted 2/17/2013 10:27:59 AM
We already got Magus in OG2. It's just not the same Magus that eventually strayed from its original programming and essentially took over Sophia Nate's body in @Gaiden.

Honestly, I think OG2 sufficiently covered the @Gaiden storyline. In a way, the post-apocalyptic setting in @Gaiden is kinda like the SM-verse. We don't need the underground forces because the Earth Cradle/Machinery Children were pretty much the underground forces anyways in OG2 (The Ancestors were underground too in @Gaiden).
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#3DemiseEndPosted 2/17/2013 11:21:35 AM
.....better put off that joke for now

"Honestly, I think OG2 sufficiently covered the @Gaiden storyline. In a way, the post-apocalyptic setting in @Gaiden is kinda like the SM-verse"

AG P-A story is more "Natural" disaster caused by some MASSIVE scale of Alien Forces invasion that caused war instead of "Natural" flow of things with something goes wrong AND an Alien forces interfered

For all we know, its only the SM that gets the shaft in SM world, since unless you take TI as fully canon, the SM world is essentially dominated by the goverment guys.

If you want a P-A story, i think a setting where the Agrad Heim suceeded with their Multi Dimensional Go Green Project is..... better

Underground enemies - GNOSIS and those evil spirit dudes has sooo many potential for filler enemy factions
Main Enemy - Agrad Heim
Sophia being mind controlled(OG) or going Crazy(AG) - Kaguya and Neige for the same
AU Sephiroth, i mean Haken played the role of Sanger

seems legit
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