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Which does more damage? Combination Attack, or two individual attacks? (Archived)
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New SRW announced on Famitsu! Gundam EXVS style game! (Archived)
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Anyone still play SRW Alpha 3? (Archived)dzehn1319/22/2013
Should I get the two GBA OG games? (Archived)
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A Portable Questions (Archived)
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So I'm assuming you cannot turn off the BGM of this game? (Archived)salvadorfranz29/19/2013
Dark Prison site open (Archived)
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Idea for Huckebein replacement/successor. (Archived)MegaMario100099/18/2013
What old attacks do you hope they bring back for OG 3rd? (Archived)BassGSnewtype19/16/2013
Twin Attack translation? (Archived)Snappleflakes19/15/2013
New text on the intermission menu during New Game+. What does it say? (Archived)MegaMario100099/14/2013
Forte Gigas? (Archived)
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Questions regarding SRW D story (Archived)GX600079/10/2013
How do I beat the boss on stage 59? (SPOILERS) (Archived)
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