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Just ordered the game a few questions (Archived)Rocsas9058/28/2013
Finally beat that effing boss on EX-Hard (spoilers ahead) (Archived)
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Questions regarding some characters (may contain spoilers) (Archived)GX600048/27/2013
Name of the song that plays during PV3? (Archived)Snappleflakes78/20/2013
What type of sprites in-battle? (Archived)Zachalmighty18/19/2013
Which pilot can do 5 enemy combination attack? (Archived)Inohaku38/18/2013
So what happens once kill counts reach 999? (Archived)GraverobberJ28/17/2013
how to deploy unit in fly mode? (Archived)dzehn1328/17/2013
Quick save loading time (Archived)xYamateHx78/16/2013
Awwwww.... Gracies isn't gonna make it? (Archived)
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Are there any SRW games being translated as of yet? (Archived)orcus_snake58/14/2013
So...is this only an enemy or does he/she become an ally? (Archived)Nolax48/14/2013
The only thing that keeps me from loving Garmraid (Archived)GraverobberJ38/14/2013
Question about clear bonuses (Archived)GraverobberJ38/12/2013
Super Robot Wars Eternity demo released (Archived)Vincent_Vincent28/12/2013
Need help. (EX Hard Mode) (Archived)jaykho21378/9/2013
Who are you using for Repair and Supply? (Archived)dzehn1358/9/2013
Who do you think is the best support pilot for Kai in Grungust 3? (Archived)dzehn13108/9/2013
Flow of the Game (Archived)LeeDerLan58/9/2013
name of Fatum music when he nearly to die (Archived)reddeviluae48/8/2013
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