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So, why did SHu turn agaisnt us in OGG anyways? (Archived)
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So who exactly build the S-ZLAI? (Archived)biskitzz66/14/2013
So what happened to the excellences after og gaiden? (Archived)biskitzz26/13/2013
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I got some save files from here but here's the problem. (Archived)hunkeelin36/12/2013
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Intermission Menu translation requested. Also, question about equippable skills. (Archived)
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Are Ryuohki and Ryujinki the same robot? (Archived)biskitzz36/9/2013
How much money was transferred after your 1st playthrough ? (Archived)biskitzz86/9/2013
Wouldn't it be cool if we can create our own OG Pilot? (Archived)MachineWind36/8/2013
Super Robot Wars Petition to Namco Bandai (Archived)
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So, Real Type Boss with Seishin Boost every turn (Stage45) (Archived)MachineWind86/7/2013
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Toki Wo Koete, why is it used on Stage 61/62? (spoilers) (Archived)ssjfozz36/6/2013
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Normal Route or True Route ? (Archived)MachineWind66/4/2013
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