Is it ever explained how Jr. obtains Asher?

#1ObsceneAnarchyPosted 11/16/2012 11:36:23 PM
Its funny how the games tend to be detailed with minor things but dont talk so much of this. Its kind of odd how everyone magically obtains them.
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#2Angelalex242Posted 11/17/2012 12:29:05 AM
Well, we know Canaan originally piloted Asher. So presumably, the Kukai Foundation either got it from Canaan, or from Vector. In either case, Wilhelm pulled the stings. Ditto Zebulun. Rueben, Jin apparently picked that up at some point in the missing year.

And, well, Kevin built Dinah specifically for KosMos/Mary.

It's interesting how the 12 ESes are split up.

Testaments get 4.
Ormus get 4
Kukai Foundation gets 4

Wilhelm took care of his own people, of Ormus, who he was also in control of as Heinlein, and chaos somehow managed to pull some strings to get the last 4.

Wilhelm's got his own supermech in Joshua. Since Joshua basically runs on Wilhelm's innate power, it's far stronger then any ES. Then again, only Wilhelm and chaos could pilot it.
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