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Some story questions (Major Spoilers) (Archived)arcenal352810/14/2013
What's your favorite game in the Xeno series? (Poll)
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e.s combat questions (Archived)itok310/2/2013
Why are there 2 graves opened up in the floating island cave? (Archived)Huskypaw29/29/2013
need map undeground ruin puzzle (Archived)itok29/29/2013
early erde kaiser sigma (Archived)itok59/24/2013
Swimsuit complete playthrough save (Archived)final51369/23/2013
is there missables here? and what are they? (Archived)itok49/22/2013
missing year question (Archived)itok49/22/2013
Question about Suou ***spoilers*** (Archived)Super Slash29/17/2013
Omega ID vs. Wilhelm in Joshua (Archived)Angelalex24249/16/2013
Anyone else like Xenosaga more than Xenogears? (Archived)
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what is swimsuit mode exactly? (Archived)itok89/14/2013
Finally!!! I'm starting my wish list of the Xenosaga merchandise!!! (Archived)
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For those who beat the whole series, did you enjoy 2? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
About Dmitri Yuriev...*Spoilers* (Archived)CremFreche69/8/2013
So, this is my first Xenosaga game. Just started playing it... My thoughts: (Archived)
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E.S. question (Archived)OrnerySpoon38/23/2013
Wut. *Spoilers* (Archived)CremFreche38/18/2013
What were sales numbers for Xenosaga games (Archived)cedricthegreat38/12/2013
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