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For those who beat the whole series, did you enjoy 2? (Archived)
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About Dmitri Yuriev...*Spoilers* (Archived)CremFreche69/8/2013
So, this is my first Xenosaga game. Just started playing it... My thoughts: (Archived)
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E.S. question (Archived)OrnerySpoon38/23/2013
Wut. *Spoilers* (Archived)CremFreche38/18/2013
What were sales numbers for Xenosaga games (Archived)cedricthegreat38/12/2013
Music question *Spoilers* (Archived)LordDarkrai28/4/2013
Just finished Series SPOILERS! (Archived)Doc_Iac17/29/2013
Low Level Mandatory and Treasure Fights Only No Weapon/Armor Purchases Challenge (Archived)alt_reality87/29/2013
If you could change/add anything to the game, what would it be? (Archived)
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70 Vit / EDef vs. 35 Luck upgrades (Archived)
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Worth Having Xenosaga II Save? (Archived)I2aScAII77/28/2013
Why use normal attacks? (Archived)
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After a lot of thought, I realized that Xenosaga III is my favorite PS2 RPG (Archived)
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Fighting no spoilers please (Archived)Doc_Iac77/19/2013
Challenges? (Archived)alt_reality37/18/2013
Favorite Battle Party? (Archived)
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just got past... *spoilas* (Archived)GrayMuse27/5/2013
My favorite part of the trilogy is still *Episode 1 SPOILERS* (Archived)OrangeCrush98036/20/2013
Finally!! (Archived)Bfenix469926/17/2013
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