Game froze on end of game. HELP!

#1laz15bamPosted 2/27/2011 4:02:40 PM
So I found out from a friend if you have AC5 data and you pass the game on every ace type then you get the ADF/01 Falken. I did so and Knight was the last type. I passed every mission with S rank and I went on and defeated Pixy in the final mission. However, as the scenes start to roll, it freezes completely and I can't skip anything and it stays that way. It is really frustrating to see that after all my hard work, I can't get the Falken because the game froze after the final mission. What can I do to fix this and no I can't return it to Gamestop, already been more then a month. I can buy it again, but I want to see if I can fix it so I don't waste any money. Please Help!
#2gmaxPosted 2/28/2011 4:45:30 AM
This sounds like an issue with the game disc or with the PS2's optical drive. (Assuming we're talking about a PS2.)

If the game disc appears to be in good condition, you could consider finding someone who has a known-working PS2 and will let you try your game disc in it. Conversely, if you can get your hands on another game disc (especially a known-good one), you can try it out in your PS2 and any other PS2s you have access to, just to compare results all around.

Without knowing anything for sure, my guess would be your PS2's optical drive is marginal. It might just need the dust bunnies cleaned out. That needs to be done by someone qualified. I recommend against "cleaning" discs or other gizmos of any kind. The only way to clean an optical drive is to take it apart, and as I say, that needs to be done by someone qualified. The possibility exists that it could be more than a dirty drive though, and in that case the situation is more dire. What you do in that case will be up to you, but you might be looking at a new PS2.

The game disc for both AC5 and ACZ is very nearly full, and the games make heavy use of the game disc while the game is running. In the early days of both games there were lots of users who reported all kinds of "bugs", and they were pretty much all the result of marginal optical drives in the PS2s causing problems with the games. You could use these games as a test of your PS2's optical drive. A lot of users did, without knowing it.

Good luck!