Final Fantasy IV Advance Online FAQ v1.1 <PLZ READ BEFORE POSTING>

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How do you get Kain back?
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I remember playing this on the SNES waaaay back in the day. The Advance version has me intrigued.

Let me ask, I know the game has a weird save glitch in it, but can I still play it on a Game Boy Player with my GameCube? If anyone knows this, please let me know.

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Since we’ve not heard otherwise all this time, I really don’t see why not.
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Hi guys, awesome faq, awesome game, I am reading actions faq right now, it is really well written and I must say its one of the best i have seen.
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Thanks for this

this really helped me out :D
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Rumours are very outdated. We know that there's both a FFIV DS version and also a Chrono Trigger remake (well, port anyway).