Stealing item.

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User Info: GradeABrassiere

9 years ago#1
How to steal sucessfully from the enemy? I notice that Edge "steal" never work.
La Brassiere

User Info: Mike2376

9 years ago#2
It doesn't always work. It just takes time. I find it annoying so I rarely steal. Only thing I find Edge good at stealing is the Siren item off of Searcher.

User Info: tonberry2k

9 years ago#3
Yeah, even at level 99 he still gets caught most of the time by new monsters in the Lunar Ruins.
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User Info: silktail

9 years ago#4
How to steal sucessfully from the enemy?

You have a really poor chance unless Edge is a much higher level than the target.

(It's near perfect at 25 levels higher!)

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