Bahamut cave and character help *spoilers*

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9 years ago#1
I can't fight Bahumut for some reason. Did i need to get Leviathan? Because i didn't get it.
And another question, is my party underleveled? Thxs.

Cecil: Lv36 Hp 1730/1730
Mp 150/150

Edge: Lv34 Hp 1335/1335
Mp 96/96

FuSoYa: Lv50 Hp 1900/1900
Mp 190/190

Rydia: Lv32 Hp 732/732
Mp 250/250

Rosa: Lv 36 Hp 1300/1300
Mp 299/299
Fran in real life
9 years ago#2
Yes, you need to have defeated Leviathan before Bahamut allows you to challenge him.
9 years ago#3
I hit LV 40 before fighting bahamut.

Gain about 3 LV's for Rosa since against Levithan I had to use Curaga/Curaja every turn and Curaja is usable at LV 39.

However since Rosa's at LV 36 cast reflect against Ashura at least and you will beat her easily.

If you want to LV hit LV 45 for Rydia then Thundaga Leviathan for 6000 - 9999 per casting.
9 years ago#4
1 Correction I hit LV 40 before fighting Leviathan though Bahamut is still beatable at LV 40 to 45.

Though I gained lv's in Bahamuts cave till I had LV 50 to 55 party members.
9 years ago#5
You may already know this, but once you go back to Earth with FuSoYa, a story segment will occur and you won't be able to continue until you get past the segment.
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9 years ago#6
^Yes, i am at that part right now. Having ALOT of trouble with the fight where you have to fight all four of the masters at once. The problem is the last one.

Fran in real life
9 years ago#7
Then gain 3 Lv's for Rosa at LV 39 then against the wind fiend of the 4 or any of them for that matter use Curaja every turn on eveybody at once.

Then have Fusoya/Edge use Thundaga and Blitz respectively for 9999 damage and 4000+ respectively against the Water/Wind Fiend.

If you want to LV up Rydia to LV 45 she can use Thundaga as well.
9 years ago#8
The last elemental has to be defeated quickly, or you will not survive. She is weak vs holy. Unfortunately, all other elementals are strong against holy, so using the Light Sword (meh as a weapon) or the Excalibur (if you didn't do the optional quest, then you're missing out a bit) should be painful until you reach the last elemental. However, you can work around this by casting Berserk on Cecil. Alternatively, you could just equip the Avenger Sword and Cecil should be effective throughout the battle (it doesn't have Holy elemental, but auto Berserk makes Cecil very dangerous overall).
9 years ago#9
While the wind fiend is weak to holy I had Fusoya cast Thundaga instead and she always took 9999 damage from it.

Sure Rosa gets Holy at LV 56 but not only did I not have Rosa at that lv I'd rather have her use Curaga/Curaga every turn even if Rosa does have Holy castable at the time.
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