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9 years ago#1
Maybe these questions have been asked before, I'm not sure. I've had IV Advance for ages, and I'm finally getting around to playing it here and there.

What's going on with the "row" function? There's a set pattern for who can be in the front row/back row? I don't remember this in the SNES installment (it's been probably 10 years since I've played the original version), but I'm only able to set up my characters like so.




Has it always been that way?

Also, how exactly is the leader (character seen walking through towns and on world map) chosen? It seems like everytime I re-arrange my party, or change their rows, the game just chooses one randomly. Sometimes its the third character slot, sometimes its the second, etc. It's no big deal, I just find it strange. Any suggestions?
9 years ago#2
There are only two set up for the formations.

And hitting the r and l buttons change who is walking.
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9 years ago#3
Wow. I'm a genuine jackass.

9 years ago#4
hey man No problem.
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9 years ago#5
I could be wrong, but I think if you move a character to the 1st slot, the overworld sprite will change to their sprite.
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9 years ago#6
It doesn't necessarily have to be the first slot. The character sprite you were using previously will be the one that matters. If you put a different character in the slot the previous one you were using was in, it will switch to whoever you put in their slot. Still, the R button is faster.

At different points in time during the game, you will have different characters. If you have more mages, you would want to have more back row slots for them. If you have more attackers, you would want to have more front row slots. Change them as necessary.
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9 years ago#7
The position you slot your characters in matters for a Preeemptive Strike/ATB bar.

1) Middle
2) Top-most
3) Bottom-most
4) Between top+middle
5) Between middle+bottom

This is the order your party will attack in for a preemptive strike. Also, this is the default order if all characters had the same Agility (unlikely that happens, but for the sake of a tiebreaker, this is what happens). It is worth moving around the characters to properly maximize this behavior. This occurs regardless if you are in the 2 back-3 front or 3 back-2 front formation.

This is also the how the overworld sprite character is rotated by (R button goes from 1->5->1, L button goes from 5->1->5.
9 years ago#8

Excellent information. I typically prefer fast parties, so that will be a tremendous help.
9 years ago#9
It's also notable that if you jack the game speed up and you have a higher level party, you will often have multiple people waiting in which case it will take the one with the highest priority. If your Between middle+bottom person never seems to go, you probably have the game speed up so high that they're simply being skipped half the time.
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