Zeromus is cheap!

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9 years ago#1
Well all my character are at lv59+ and i am still not able to defeat him. He can use Big Bang twice even before i can revive and heal the fallen character. Definitely the cheapest of all Final Fantasy boss. At first i thought FF5 Exdeath is strong but Zeromus is even more hard to defeat. Any good advice?
La Brassiere
9 years ago#2
If you don't feel like using a thought out strategy, you could just take both Porom and Rosa with you. With them spamming Curaja while the front row people attack/throw, you should win without too much trouble. If you need more tips, this topic should help:
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9 years ago#3
minor spoilers:-
Set the battle speed to 6 the slowest setting and wait not active mode and with luck it will never use Big Bang twice before Rosa's Curaja goes off even once.

For some reason it does use Big Bang after Rosa uses Curaja but before she goes again Rydia could summon Ashura every turn just in case.
9 years ago#4
Asura depends on luck. I always got her to use Protect on my party instead of Revive and Curaga. Waste of my MP. Thanks for the advice i will out different strategy.
La Brassiere
9 years ago#5
Have you beaten all the rest of the bosses in the Lunar Subterrane and gotten the Crystal and Dragon armors?If so, you'll be fine.

For the most part, I would leave Rydia dead. She's practically dead weight in this battle since Zermous counters Black magic and Summons with Flare or Bio. Not to mention that she can't even withstand a single Big Bang with that 900~1200 HP she has.

Edge should throw crap like the Excalibur, Spoon/Knife, Fuma Shurikens,and old weapons. Edge is mostly here for extra muscle.

Cecil,Kain, and Rosa are the main 3 you should focus on keeping alive. You can keep Edge if he doesn't slow Rosa down, but the less people you have, the more Curaja will heal.
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9 years ago#6
Rydia's only at risk if you give her the Minerva's Plate (which usually hurts magic defense more often than not)

If you're that concerned about HP, use the Sylph Summon. Hurt Zeromus while healing yourself. A win-win.
9 years ago#7
Just defeated Zeromus after i stole his Dark Matter and change the Battle Speed to 5. Well, slow battle speed really help alot. Now he cannot use 2 attacks before my turn. Thanks for the good advice.
La Brassiere

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