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Why am I getting so many occurrences of one specific enemy encounter? (Archived)Karl_Bonner_8242/2/2011
Final Fantasy IV, how do you avoid the big bang, it is a fatal attack? (Archived)brianrpgfan102/1/2011
Does anyone know if this version is the exact port of Japanese FF IV or SNES FF (Archived)brianrpgfan21/20/2011
Pink Tail question (Archived)Vincent2581/17/2011
Is it possible to do a Cecil Solo? (Archived)Merlin_8761/16/2011
Best training? (Archived)DDRxWarrior31/12/2011
EU version (Archived)Ultimaga7721/12/2011
IV + TAY Compilation game for PSP (Archived)
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Help converting drop rate fraction to percent chance? (Archived)Kronoan51/3/2011
Can I go back to the Tower of Babel? (Archived)shinji_masikari51/1/2011
Finish off my allstar team! (Archived)
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Best 100% Guide/Missables? (Archived)ssbmdemon18312/26/2010
No Equipment Run possible? *spoilers* (Archived)
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Who is better to have, Edge or Cid? (Archived)MetalMessiah999812/26/2010
Using weapons as items in battle. (Archived)BahamutPrincess412/24/2010
UltimaterializerX is one of the worst reviewers on this site (Archived)Jprime666212/22/2010
lunar Ruins Platinum Toad floor (Archived)JesseDymlos212/21/2010
Guess they don't exsist? Equipment Modifier! (Archived)Rax11612/20/2010
Cecil's trial questions (Archived)Vincent25212/17/2010
Bestiary Woes (Archived)JesseDymlos112/8/2010
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