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Index (Just hold Ctrl while pressing F, and type in the box what you are looking for. EG, want to find the Most asked questions, just type 2) in the box and press "Find Next" or do Ctrl+F and type in a more specific thing you are looking for like if you want to know if there will be a DS version, just put in the box "DS" and press "Find Next")

1) Boktai (Immortal Area, Count, Django etc...)

2) Most asked/ Important Questions (Codes, Virus/Chip Location, others)

3) Most Common Chip Location Questions

4) Navi Location Questions

5) Other Frequently Asked Questions

6) Trading chain Question leading to Justice One J Chip!

1) Boktai

Q. Where is Immortal Area, Graveyard 1/2 and Undernet3?

A.They were taken out of the American Version.

Q. What about Django and Otenko and Count?
A. Also taken out of the American Version.

Q. Then is there a Batkey?
A. Yes, and you get it from Bass in Undernet Zero via Green Area 2.

Q: How do you fight Bass?
A: Go to Undernet 0 from the big tree in Green Area 2.

Q. What's the point of Batkey?
A. You use it in the Purple door in the Graveyard area to get the Attack Max Navi Customizer program.

Q. How do I get the Beast Link Icon?
A. You can only get it in the Japanese version.

Q. Does that mean the other 10 requests were taken out?
A. No, Capcom decided to keep them!

Q. How can I get the Double Beast chip?
A. Impossible in the English version, unless you cheat.

Q. Is there anyway to get the Beast Link Icon?
A. Not in the English version, and I hear you can do it through cheating
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2) Most asked/ Important Questions

Q. Where is the FAQS?


Q. Well I got one of the chips you said were removed but it has no picture, can I use it?
A. DON'T USE THOSE CHIPS!!They freeze your game and can sometimes erase your game saves.

Q: Since the Django chips are not in this game, can I still get the P.A. complete icon??
A: Yes you can. the Crossover advance is not required to complete the game.

Q: What is the difference between the 2 versions of Battle Network 6?
A: Look at the Version Differences in the FAQs section.

Q. Which version should I get?
A. It's all opinion. Look at the Version Differences in the FAQs section.

Q: Is there gonna be DS version?
A: No most likely not, unless Capcom decides to make a last minute change.

Q: Is there gonna be a Battle Network 7?
A: No........ and yes. At least not one by Capcom. The people of TUS are making a fan-made one, which is totally free!

Q: What does TUS stand for?
A: The Under Square.

Q: What's that?
It's a website made by HotShotz at

Q: How do I max out my Navi SP chips?
A: Beat the Sp navis under ten seconds. For information on how to beat them fast, go here:

Q.Where is the [insert chip with it's code here]?
A. Check the Chip Code Location FAQ.

Q. Where do I get the [insert Navi Customizer guide here]?
A. Check the Navi Customizer guide.
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Q. Where do I find [insert Virus here]?
A. Check the Virus Location FAQ or the Chip Code Location FAQ.

Q: I need help with a Request.
A: There is a Request BBS Guide in the FAQ/Walkthrough.

Q. What is the code for the door in Undernet 1 that leads you to Undernet Zero?
A. Code = 729

Q. What is the code for the door in Undernet 2 that leads you to Undernet Zero?
A. Code = 012

Q. What are YMDs?
A. Yellow Mystery Datas.

A. That's because they are rare. About a 20% chance of seeing one of them in a specific area. They contain really good items (eg. I got a super vulcan.)

Q: What is the poisonous PA required for the job?
A: Poison Pharaoh. You need two Poison Seeds P and an Anubis P. Poison Seed P can be bought for 48 Bug Frags in Sky Area 1. You can buy a second one at Asterland. Anubis P can be found in the Graveyard BEFORE the "Mark of the S Door".

Q: Where is Lab's Comp2?
A: In Undernet1. Lab's Comp2 is where you meet Eraseman/Killerman.

Q: How do you fight ProtomanSP/BluesSP?
A: Complete 25 requests off of the request board. You fight him by talking to Chaud in front of Lan's OLD house in ACDC.

Q: How do you fight Protoman/BluesFZ?
A: Complete all 35 Requests from the Request BBS. You fight him in one of the classroom's in Central Town near a Black Board.

Q: How do I expand the size of my memory map for the Navi Customizer?
A: There is one in JudgeTreeComp3 and Lab's Comp2.

Q: What is a Punk navi?
A: YOU - Just kidding, it's one of those dark looking navis.

Q. What happens after I beat all the Punk navis in the real world?
A. Absolutely nothing (other then you get the good feeling that you saved the world!!! :D).

Q. What is the best way to obtain bugfrags?
A. Either do Virus Battle 3(located Punishment Chair in Green Town).
Q: How do I do Virus Battler?
A: Get a Battler Card from a Punk navi for 2000 Zennys. He is in Class 1-2 Comp

Q: How do I get Zenny quickly?
A: One of the jobs requires you to loan money. If you loan him 10,000 zenny, he will pay you back 100,000 zenny LATER. In the job requiring you to buy a stock, pick the BLACKHOLE stock to earn 100,000 Zenny.

Q: How do I get Bug Frags quickly?
A: Virus Battler 3. If you get Zenny more often, Jack Out and Jack In again.
Another way would be to go to Graveyard Area, and find a virus with a BGMD (Battle Green Mystery Data) with it. Beat the virus, then use the subchip, Loc Enemy, and you will face it again. When the Loc Enemy runs out, just use another one. Along the way the BGMD should contain some bugfrags.

Q: Where is the data remains of the navi for the job with the old lady in Class Room 1-1?
A: It is in Undernet 2. In case you didn't notice, the orange area there is actually shaped like a skull. Go there and press A on one of the panels between its eyes.
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Q: What is Rush Food?
A: Rush Food allows you to access other places in the net, or build shortcuts. It is NOT required for the story line and can be purchased in the Shower Comp for 3000 zenny for one piece.

Q. Where do I find WWW ID?
A. It can be purchased in Undernet Zero when you enter from Undernet 1.

Q: What does WWW ID do?
A: It allows you to open skull marked gates.

Q: What is the max number of HP you can have without NCPs (Navi Customizer Programs)?
A: 1000 hp is the max you can have with HP Memories.

Q: How do I expand the size of my memory map for the Navi Customizer?
A: There is one in JudgeTreeComp3 and Lab's Comp2.

Q: What is the Bass Trick?
A: The Bass trick is, DoublePoint, Bass, Atk+30 and 2x Atk+10.........and a cheaper way(use this only if you are patient and have fast reflexes) glitch the poem/humor program by putting them above the command line(this causes Megaman to change his status window from time to time. He goes to worried/Full Sync/Angry), and then use the Bass trick while Megaman is in FullSync or Angry Emotion.

Q: I want to fight Bass BX again. Where can I find him?
A: Random encounters in graveyard area.
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3) Most Common Chip Location Questions

Q: Where do I get Colonel Force giga chip?

A: Defeat Bass BX in Underground2.

Q: Where is Areagrab *?
A: You get it in a job and the Asterland Chip Trader.

Q: How do I get Supervulcan?
A: By beating Virus Battler 5.

Q: What does BMGD stand for?
A: Battle Green Mystery Data.

Q: How do I get Secret chips?
A: Trade someone for EX and SP Navi chips that you CANNOT get in your version.

Q: Why isn't this Django lotto number working?
A: Because you cannot get that chip in the American Version.

Q: Where is Wideshot R? The FAQs say that it is in a BMD in underground 2, but i've been there like a million times, and I haven't gotten it.
A: You have to use an untrap subchip on a GMD and have some patience.

4) Navi Location Questions

Q. Where do I find...

A. Central Area 2

A. Seaside Area 1

A. Central Area 3

A. Green Area 2

A. Sky Area 1

A. Underground 2

5) Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does RFF stand for?
A. Renowned Folder FAQ.

Q. What is Alphabet soup?
A. A folder with a lot of codes.

Q. What is a Unicoded Folder?
A. A folder with only one code

Q. What is a GSer
A. A GameSpot User.

Q. Who is Faded I keep hearing from these boards?
A. Faded is maylshot17.

Q. How do I do the Quote thing? I've seen other users do it on the boards.
A. You have to be a GameSpot User to do that.

6) Trading chain Question leading to Justice One J Chip!

Q. How do you get Justice One J?

Follow this trade cycle:
(1)Girl in 1-2 Class

Give - Energy Bomb K
Get - Double Shoot C
(2)Boy in Seaside Town Aquarium

Give - Double Shoot C
Get - High Boomerang V
(3)Pink Navi in Seaside Town Watertank

Give - High Boomerang V
Get - Grab Revenge I
(4)Lady in the main room of Sky Town

Give - Grab Revenge I
Get - Big Bomb O
(5)Blue navi in ACDC HP

Give - Big Bomb O
Get - Justice One J
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That's it for now. There WILL be more questions so plz check all of the pages, and when this topic gets to it's 491st post, I will post the pages where all the questions are answered.

Thanks goes to: DucDucTape(sry if I spelt it wrong), Maylshot17(aka Faded), Gregarcross617, BluesSoul617, ThecoolTodd, Megaloshi, and the rest of the BattleNetwork 6 community.
And lastly, you, for reading this.
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Awesome job Drakes. Now, this should be stickied :D
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