Playing through again after a few years

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User Info: digimaster2

3 years ago#1
Greetings Falzar board. I've beaten Gregar version before, but I had never played Falzar version, so I'm going through that right now. I was wondering if there is anything you guys can remind me of about this game.

I just got to the sky town, and I've got 480 hp, 26mb, and a decent unicode folder. I'm running the lifesword PA in full star code, and I managed to get, what I would assume to be lucky, and acquired two Areagrab * chips from the 3 chip trader. The rest of my folder is R coded tank cannons and airspins, a few invisibles, Roll2, and four * coded megachips from the number trader. My navicust is currently holding two custum1's, floatshoes, undershirt, speedmax, attack+1, and two charge+1's.

Are there any fun strategies that I could try out during my playthrough? Despite knowing what most of the chips do I find most of them go unused, and my attempts at a unicoded folder often leave me unable to properly S-rank viruses upon changing areas.

What i'm really looking for would be fun folders to try that won't force me to wait until lategame, and navicustomizer tips for fun until I acquire my desired setup.

Final thing to note I guess, I'm fighting all the ex navi's asap so that I can spice things up with random encounter SP navis, and I have already gone down the hole behind the green area tree.

Thanks in advance for any responses, I understand this board is kinda slow/dead these days.

User Info: Chipspirate

3 years ago#2
PAs are always fun
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  3. Playing through again after a few years

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