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8 years ago#1
alright i used the lotto thing and request and i have all the evil navi's chips ( first stage) and i was wondering how to get the ex and sp besides from gmd. ( i've gotten element man ex once but i deleted that file.)
8 years ago#2
Look in the Chip Code locations Faq.
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8 years ago#3
Simple....kill their ghosts. It's true!

To get the designated chips, you must kill them.....fast!
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8 years ago#4
To get the chips of the evil Navis that are in your version, you have to beat their EX and SP forms. (There is a multitude of other topics about those on both the Gregar and Falzar boards.) To get the EX and SP chips of the evil Navis that are NOT in your game, you have to trade with a friend.
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8 years ago#5
ok so i find thier ex and sp forms in the same place i find the level one ghost and just look around to find them.
8 years ago#6
I though Otenko CT(not sure)can get you EX and SP navi chips in other version.
8 years ago#7
That's a huge chip-loss that would be better spent at Asterland CT trying to get *-code areagrab, triplshoot, flashbomb1, etc etc etc. Finding them and spanking them is much faster and more fun anyway.

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