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Sticky.hack//G.U. vol.3//Redemption BOARD FAQ - READ HERE FIRST - Please Sticky (Sticky)
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PaleVoyager5001/16 3:11AM
Dual guns: little skills! (Archived)mmx417/14 12:13AM
ok so i just read the wall of text by chrdragon and i have a question (Archived)davood11146/30 9:02PM
I'll miss you guys. (Archived)Ryo_the_Inferno23/31 7:32PM
i few more things i found out that adds more to it!SPOILER beaware (Archived)chrdragon23/30 7:23AM
goodbye, dark spirit of death and fear (Archived)treos2111/11 1:39PM
What's the best way of Leveling skills for characters? (Archived)knightblazer85311/6 1:43PM
Long live the King - The Best Game ever created at that time (Archived)nanerBR111/2 3:50PM
Is there any way to avoid encountering the chaotic PKs in these games? (Archived)knightblazer85110/21 4:46PM
Getting keywords from story and quest areas (Archived)knightblazer8519/27 3:11PM
Playing as other classes using AR Codes? (Archived)Zerone1847214/8/2014
Just venting (Archived)
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We need a remaster of these games. (Archived)Burningskull0162/10/2014
Quite possibly the greatest games I have ever played. (series spoilers) (Archived)mmbn master1010/28/2013
Offline Gathering 2013? (Archived)MasterSai27/14/2013
Greeting cards help (Archived)cia92f17/1/2013
Doppelganger TRULY invincible? (Archived)nasalocker46/28/2013
Multiple Language VA Options... (Archived)ShionTheFurry16/21/2013
How much do you suppose this game is worth? (Archived)ggf16236/16/2013
item Location Help (Archived)pashmina62616/13/2013
Terminal Disks and story related questions (Archived)lavagolem12356/12/2013
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