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6 years ago#1
is there someone who can tell me who make Silabus stronger?i really like him...and i made his level is just one level under haseo and he have the highest level between all the partner in my game...
but when i starting to leveling up kuhn,pi, and endrance,his streght is kinda lower...
i give him all my Text of power and the other text to him,but it's still not enough..
any suggestion....???

thank you..
6 years ago#2
Endrance is the strongest Blade Brandier and one of the best characters in the game. The only way to get Silabus stronger is to overload him with Text/Book of Power. You'll be able to get them later in the game with virus cores, but only after you completely level up your lost weapons.
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6 years ago#3
Wow. It's very hard to make sylabus stronger other than using the method said above (virus core). In the end, he will still only be second to endrance thanks to better weapon (endrance has like lolhaxzor-charm effect imbued on the weapon).
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6 years ago#4
Silabus may not be the strongest Blade Brandier, but some people prefer him over Endrance and the others simply because he has a lot of Favorite Actions, so it's much easier to fill the Morale Gauge.

As for making him stronger... Yeah, I can't add anything that hasn't been said already.
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6 years ago#5
Endrance is the strongest Blade Brandier and one of the best characters in the game.

Actually, the latter is untrue because he's a Blade. Blades are slower than Edge Punishers (not even talking about guard canceling), as strong as Twin Blades, and of course use an armor type that's not heavy (M-DEF barely works, which makes any armor that isn't heavy an inferior specimen), not to mention that the normal blades have that terrible 2-hit "power-up" swing at the end of a combo. If the game weren't so forgiving, that swing would never work. Rapid Attack blades aren't much better in that regard. The Brandiers' only redeeming quality is that their Rengeki induction ability is equal to their Punisher counterparts, which makes them one of the two best classes in the game in that sense alone.

As for being the strongest Blade, sure, why not. However, this is hardly a Kuhn/Matsu scenario, and for that reason, there's no problem with just using Silabus as-is.

But that's just as a standalone character. In terms of a full party that can barrage fools with Awakening, Endrance becomes inferior to Silabus in Redemption when the critical healing and combo Favorites are both fixed. Critical healing no longer works with just any healing/curing spell (it must now heal HP directly to trigger critical healing), but combos no longer require that you get the Favorite on another enemy before you can repeat the Favorite on one particular target. Throw in dual guns, and Silabus and his cookie-cutter clones become potential monsters in comparison to Endrance, and especially the other three rejects with their pathetic killshot Favs (Blades are too weak to make any real use of them, not that they have much use to begin with seeing as how you want the Awakening to get the damn kill in the first place).
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6 years ago#6
my silabus' parameter is already higher than endrance but,the damage still not too strong(even it's little stronger than endrance).in my game,he is the only partner that has a 150 level between all the party members. i wanna ask u guys,where can i found his lvl 150 weapon?(sword) or maybe stronger than that..?
6 years ago#7
There are no special, high-level swords you can get for Silabus. The best you can do is give him the highest level generic, which I believe is the Jijo, and alchemize it to +5.
I applaud your willingness to disagree with me.
6 years ago#8
so,the last weapon for non-epitaph user's sword is stop at jijo..???
oh about alkaid?i gave her my "Empty Skies" weapon..
is that good enough...?
6 years ago#9
There are no special, high-level swords you can get for Silabus. The best you can do is give him the highest level generic, which I believe is the Jijo, and alchemize it to +5.

Generics overrule almost all Rares in terms of usefulness anyway. For example, Zelkova's Goddess Scythe has some of the highest P-ATK for a weapon in the game, but its effect, Mortal, isn't good at all since scythes are slow on regular attacks, and you'd really want to focus on overall damage output with those weapons. A Scythe Toge or Dakini with just Critical +50% would be better than that thing. As well, the P-ATK upgrade over the Dakini isn't that significant in the first place; even the gap between the Goddess and Hidaru isn't big enough to really matter. If the weapon has three slots, you should be fine. This goes for armor too, and is EVERYTHING to accessories given how little elemental stats do.

In fact, let's just go over the best generic effects in no particular order:

Critical Attack - Always Crits on physical attacks when possible. It's perfect for a scythe, since it makes the monstrous Heavenly Wheel Art even greater in power.

Jet Speed Attack - Reduces by about half the number of regular attack hits necessary to induce Rengeki. Given Rengeki disables victim actions that aren't walking exactly like an Awakening would, if nothing else, you'd want this for the unblockable paralysis. Of course, under Awakening or Rengeki, the CPU won't even walk, so it may as well be complete paralysis. Furthermore, this is one of a select few effects that always works even at low levels (opponent is five or more levels higher than you), and the only one that works on regular attacks at low levels.

SP Drain - HP Drain is useless because the amounts of healing involved are so meager, but the same amounts applied to SP are suddenly more than enough, almost to the point of SP Drain being overpowered. Beyond that, the word "Drain" in both effects is incorrect, and should be replaced with the word Healing. What these effects really do is restore HP/SP by the % of the damage you'd do after Alchemy but before attachments are taken into account, so you can, say, beat on a Null Physical opponent to restore your SP infinitely so you can maintain your magical assault.

Critical +% - Don't need to explain this....

Venomous/Voodoo Attack - These one-slot status attacks are upgraded versions of Poison and Curse that are plain vicious. Slap Venom on a weapon, and a vulnerable enemy will receive 50 damage per interval on top of whatever damage is being done by the regular attacks themselves, which will continuously reinflict the ailments, resetting their timers. These are perhaps best used on dual swords with Haseo and Natsume for sheer speed.

Heine's effects - They're only available in the FoP for a reason. While Mourning Chaos, Body Grasp and Physique Grasp may not be worth much, if you want an overpowered post-game weapon, you have several options to choose from with these.

oh about alkaid?i gave her my "Empty Skies" weapon..
is that good enough...?

Empty Skies is only good for moneymaking w/Mortal vs. accessory-dropping monsters, much like the DG-Z. Otherwise it's just another piece of garbage like most Rare equipment, especially weapons. In fact, the only truly useful rares in that regard are probably the Heine's series (excluding Invasion) and Silad. Lost Weapons and Dual Guns are excluded from that statement, since one set is its own category, and every dual gun is Rarity 5.

As for Alkaid, whatever you'd give Pi and Natsume will work for her, though be warned, she's an inferior specimen to Natsume due to never receiving the Twin Blade class upgrade. However, to be fair, this game is so damn easy that an optimal setup is far, far, so very FAR from necessary, and you should just do what you want in the end.
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