promoting someone to manager

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ive done it befor but i forgot how, ive looked in the asine button but its not there. $250,000 for a building... i dont wanna go somewhere every day just to make $5,000. you should see the building its like a glass upside down piramid. lobby is the first floor, second the arcade, third dancing, and the fourth is a restuant. pool out back. pritty sweet. but anyway what do i have to do to get a manager?
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To be promoted to manager, a Sim needs 5 points worth of badges, where gold badges are worth 3 points, silver badges are worth 2, and bronze 1. The badges don't have to be relevant to the business, any badges will do. Just click on the employee and the option to promote them should appear. You can only have a manager at a community lot business.
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cool, thanks!
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You're welcome.

Of course, you're probably not going to make much from remote management. The money you get through remote management (when you check up on the business through the phone or computer) is a calculation based on the sales the last few days you were there and how long it's been since you've visited. The exact calculation (according to the Prima guide) can be found here:,root.1,item.43,item.41,item.23&threadID
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