Split Screen / Multiplayer..

#1DEATHSCHILDPosted 5/1/2011 10:13:48 AM
I didn't see this Gamespot video preview linked anywhere on the board:


Which he talks or mentions various missions, willpower and at the end he mentions multiplayer will be a big element of the game, and will also have split screen.. That and having around 140 licensed vehicles and roughly 200 miles of road..
I'm getting this game for sure.. It looks awesome..

Here's a vid with the story:

#2inkyheadPosted 5/2/2011 3:32:30 PM
YES! Thanks for this, it's nice to see that split screen will be included. There are fewer and fewer games that offer split screen anymore, most co-op or VS. is online only. I'm really stoked about this. Nothing beats reaching over and smacking your buddy in the head when he kills you in the game :-)