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7 years ago#1

Hey guys. Can't believe how little luck I'm having with finding descriptions of the power-ups.

I'll do what I know but would somebody please fill in the blanks or any I forgot? Or if you have a better description or a different description, please share. I am by no means an expert.

I just though this might be helpful for other people and myself to have this out there.


Fire-up: Makes your bombs bigger

Full Fire: Lets your bombs fire go full screen in the isles.

Power Bomb: Big powerful bomb that blows up full screen in the isles.

Bomb-up: Lets you lay one extra bomb

Land Mine: Sets a land mine bomb that must be walked over to activate (worse power-up in the game IMO)

Dangerious Bomb: Blows up an area in any isle. Can be lethal when combined with fire up or full fire.

Bomb Kick: allows you to kick & move a bomb by running into it. (L2 - to stop it when you want)

Bomb Punch: allows you to punch or move a bomb (Square to punch)

Power Glove (I know I'm botching the name): allows you to pick up the bomb you just placed (can't move off it though) x to pick up)

Line Bomb: ??? (still no idea what this does or how to use it) help)

Remote Bomb: allows you to decide when a bomb goes off (circle to detonate)

Cluster bomb (is that right?): can blow through multiple blocks

Speed up: allows you run faster

7 years ago#2
The only 2 things you need

This picture

And the official Ultra website where it tells you the name of each item and the detailed description of what it does.

Go to Customization then go to Power Ups
7 years ago#3

cool thanks for the links.

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