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Ch 3, Keats. I found a walkthrough that says knock Excedra down with Gargantua, and then attack it with Hinkypink. I think I see that I need to try to target it with Gargantua only when it's flying low-- but it isn't working well--does anyone have another strategy? And the few times that I did get it down, Hinkypink seemed to make no impression. ???

8 years ago#2
I haven't gotten to this battle yet...if I ever finish chapter 3 folklore battle for Ellen!

but here's what I found about excedra:

Exedra is a very difficult folk to beat even with the correct strategy so be cautious. Nowhere is particularly safe, but try to stay away from its line of sight to avoid most of the damage. When Exedra stays in the air for a short time, use Gargantua to knock it to the floor then get as much Fire damage done as possible. A folk such as Hinky-Punk or Volcano is a good choice for this. If Exedra gets up, repeat the process until its red Id shows.
8 years ago#3
No, no. Target Exedra with Gargantua when it is hovering in the air up high(with Karma released you should get two shots before needing to pause for the refill). That is why the shell fires in a parabolic arc. Hit it a few times and it drops to the ground. Remember to dodge-step to follow Exedra as he dashes about.

As for damage, Hinkypunk is faster than Volcano(which also has an annoying push-back feature that puts you out of range). This same strategy works for Kraken too, who is way better than Exedra and worth getting.
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8 years ago#4
Thanks--that last works really well. But now I am having another problem. To absorb Excedra you flick the controller up-- I've been doing this through the game of course. It just isn't working with Excedra. Did anyone else find it harder to absorb than other folk? I admit I'm not that great at it in general-- but this time I don't seem to be able to get two right in a row... What works best, small motions? large motions? any advice about howt his works and how I could get better at it would be appreciated...
8 years ago#5
I forget what color Exedra's ID is, so I'll just list the appropriate actions:

Red - simply flick up
Green - timed, flick up when it turns red, watch the lowest dip when it stays green, this is your break point to anticipate the timing
Blue - easy, just shake the controller side to side, you'll develop a fast rhythm for 4x exp. every time
Yellow - balance, tilt the controller left or right to make the ID stand upright
Orange - berserk, flick up when ID moves, stop when it makes a sound then stops and turns white
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8 years ago#6

Thank you!

Excedra is green. Clearly I'm getting the timing wrong ...

8 years ago#7
Exedra is a high level folk, so it's natural that it has a hard special absorption. I think it has the hardest timing one.
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8 years ago#8

FYI, anyone who looks at this later-- I didn't seem to be making much progress getting the gauge up absorbing Excedra, then one time it just went all the way up and I was done. I still don't quite know what I did. But I'm past it!

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