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StickyRead Before You Post (29-Post Sticky) (Sticky)
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Prometheusx303994/5 3:48PM
Is it a mistake to end cycle 1 too early? (Archived)DdaSss46/20 10:15AM
First time playing this game, need some input. (Archived)moud76/19 6:32PM
Is there any reason not to reincarnate as often as possible early? (Archived)DdaSss35/29 1:58AM
absorption healing (Archived)hammerspace25/5 5:32AM
Item leveling and specialists (Archived)TeeTheWicked92/23 4:11PM
So I filled my God's Hand with 6 gladiators but one was not yet subdued... (Archived)roks132/4 9:43AM
Can you run into red pirates after floor 50 (Archived)roks151/29 7:29PM
Does elemental affinity affect special melee moves (Archived)roks121/15 2:57PM
Dark World stage questions (Archived)ShionJrCitrine31/9 10:21AM
trying out monsters (Archived)hammerspace41/7 10:11AM
Disgaes 2 PS2 Classics Edition Slowdown/Stuttering (Archived)KnightmareJJH31/3 8:14PM
****ing pirates (Archived)Valmanways4Ever612/23 1:18AM
Crits vs Stats (Archived)zakufist211/17 10:27AM
Lovers (Archived)zakufist211/15 11:34AM
Do stats increase more in LoC IW than in Holt IW? (Archived)MattKroll211/4 2:26AM
Do I retain stolen stats as a thief when I reincarnate? (Archived)MattKroll211/3 12:59AM
What is a collector? (Archived)BerserkerPk28/31 7:50PM
Is there a good grinding spot during the story mode? (Archived)BerserkerPk108/27 6:58AM
300 battles later, i'm calling it quits (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
FinalFLuver198/20 2:41AM
Male Fighter's critical damage (Archived)genestealer98/10 11:51AM
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