my opinion on classes

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Xaigoth posted...
class update

rifle demon: they rock with 100% hit rate i dont have to worry about their hit stats at al and can focus on power all the way just wish they had a little more of it like maybe as much as the wood golems or that theri regulart attack was long range

Rifle Demons really shine when dealing with Gate Keepers in the Item World. Nobody is safe as a Gate Keeper. heh heh...
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man, i had two mages, two samurai, two kunoichi, a theif, and a majin, but now, i got rid of the samurai for two more kunoichi, i like the idea of hitting 2x more than a possible instant kill... then, after unlocking LoC, went and captured some monsters.
now got level 9999s of the highest tier of: wood golems (my favorite, high stats, high counter, and one of their moves is a 3X3 square with no open areas needed, unlike winged slayer.) the
undead dragon (wish it wasn't gold, but meh.) he's kinda cool, and i love his final skill, its a single hit unfortunately, but you can drop it in a five block radius, not even in a straight line.) also a three in a line in front, and a t shaped one, whick i also like. He also has physical resistance, for him and those next to him.
The zombies are next, they can heal from normal attacks that kill the enemy, and got two dfferent three block attacks, three straight forward, and then sideways in front. also, possibly the only skill that has two ailment attacks?
i also like my succubuses, but i got to make them a dual stat weapons, cause one of their skills is attack, the rest are int. and they got a healing skill(res) cool thing is, most of their skills can drain hp from enemies...