97.4% Quest Completion...HELP! *SPOILERS*

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7 years ago#1
At the end of the game, able to enter La Strada (entered it quickly and and left to wrap up some quests), and I have no more quests in my log and only 97.4%. That means somewhere out there are 3, maybe 4, quests that need doing.

Question is, anyone know if there are some exceptionally easy quests to miss that I may have? I completed the old man and his son quest that so many people seem to miss, and have done quite a few (if you mention them I will be able to tell you if I did or not, but obviously can't list out all of them in one post) sooo relying on you guys to give me some feedback on ones I may have missed.

Two things pop into my mind that I could have potentially missed. At the beginning of the game, in Azabet, there was a "Suspicious Soldier" who would say something like "Nothing happening except Princess back in town..." and when you talked to him he would shuffle off to his house and say "I am not suspicious at all!" while another southern soldier nearby would say "If you see anyone suspicious tell me" blah blah blah, but never figured out if there was a quest associated with these guys since nothing popped up.

The other possibility I can think of is the Bluemoon Trewa Village in Ruhalt Plateau, I go there, no one has anything important to say whether Argo is in my party or not, seems odd that would be there with nothing to do.

Anyone have any ideas what quests I may have missed? I am at a total loss myself, please help me figure this out!!! (And if I missed a quest completely, still want to know what it may be simply because on my second playthrough to master all the styles I didn't get this run I want to be absolutely sure I don't have to play a third time to get a quest or two.)
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7 years ago#2
How are you able to tell the percent of how many you have done?
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7 years ago#3
Main Menu -> Information (Second to last option) -> Quests/Quest Log

Bottom left hand corner is a % completed.

Anyone though? PLEASE! Dying to think I missed just 3 or 4 quests on a damn near perfect playthrough.
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GT: hannwaters23
7 years ago#4

link is to a quest guide up to the start of disc two. unfortunately, this game is unforgiving if you missed a quest within the timeline of the story....there is no going back. fwiw, the bradygames guide is excellent for keeping track of quests...don't know if that's online somewhere or not.
7 years ago#5
You either didn't complete the trials(which I missed on my 1st playthrough on the JP ver.) or you didn't complete Crocell's quest for his ultimate weapon which required you to find the 5 stones to light up back in Dunan Hill
7 years ago#6
Actually completed both trials and crocells weapon quest. Going to go check that guide, thanks for the link!
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7 years ago#7
Well just checked that list and I did all of those and did not fail any of them. Other ideas?
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7 years ago#8
I finally found out how to initiate the quest at the Bluemoon Trewa camp at the Ruhalt Plateau!

But WARNING! This is *EASILY* Miss-able!

As you don't have to even step one foot in this particular area to finish your current objective. And if you finish your current objective and go back to Cota Mare you WILL miss out on this completely!

Anyways. During the time when you have to look for Black Pearls and Mere Pollens while Melissa is with your party. Head towards the northeast most area of the Navyblue Marsh map near the Dunan Hill exit to automatically initiate a battle with a group of Trewa.

And after the battle you will get a quest that tells you to go to the Bluemoon Trewa camp at the Ruhalt Plateau.

And that's that.
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7 years ago#9
Jim is correct. I think there are a few spots where you encounter Trewa that you might possibly have to encounter all of them to trigger the quest to start or something like that. But I definitely got a quest for the Bluemoon Trewa while hunting for the herbs and pearls to build the teleporter.

I know I missed out on the Coming of Age Celebration for Celestine because I had accepted the Water Altar quest and lost Zephie before heading back to Cota Mare, so I couldn't accept the quest after turning in the "invitation" because it wanted me to turn in the Water Altar quest first... be careful not to make this mistake if you go through the game again >_<. Do the Coming of Age for Celestine as soon as you get it, or accept the Water Altar later in the game if you can.
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