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6 years ago#1
How do you perform Co-op techniques? NOT Chain breaks. I'm stuck on the quest with Crocell and Juto where you have to perform their co-op. the Cube mail says have 5 Kan then switch to a character your chaining with and hit R-Dpad.. Does nothing.. I'm pretty pissed that I can't kill this Garlon and am running out of Pots and don't want to reply the last hour and a half.

I saw it answered in the Answers section of this game but it just says hit R-Dpad when your switching characters and that doesn't do anything either..
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6 years ago#2
And the thing is if I get 5 kan on Crocell then switch to Juto to Overdrive him so I can switch to Crocell, well as soon as I take control of Juto, AI Crocell will use up his 5 Kan using Plasma Ball..
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6 years ago#3
BOTH characters need to have 5 Kan.
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6 years ago#4
Both characters need to have 5 kan, and you need to do a chain break like you always do, when you switch then you press right on the d-pad.

The best way to do it is to set your fighter kan warrior (argo, juto) to the AI setting that does not spam skills (first one I think) control your mage kan warrior, spam attacks till you get 5 kan, and then perform it.

The ally AI in this game makes the battles harder then any of the enemies do. Sigh.
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6 years ago#5
Yeah I realized they both needed 5, I would let Juto get 5 on his own while I would get 7 on Corc so I could use a 2 Kan special to put him into overdrive, then switch to juto and immediately spam R-Dpad, a big yellow explosion would surround Juto then.. nothing.. Twice when I did it the camera would jerk straight to the ground and just point at the ground so I couldn't see anything lol..

I read on another topic somewhere that someone spent an hour doing the technique and it didn't work, reloaded their save and they did the same thing they were doing and it worked. So I guess I have a currently bugged save? I've reloaded twice but no luck..
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6 years ago#6
its just like he said ^^

and if you do it right you should see a big "d-pad" appear on the screen too, looks kinda like a glyph
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