Glitch? Went 3 times through Kingdom for flags, still missing one

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6 years ago#1

I've triple checked all the flag spots in the Kingdom using the map at, got them all (none of the spots have flags anymore, at least), but the game is telling me I'm missing one. Does anyone know if there is a glitch with one of the flags or something? This is driving me crazy!

6 years ago#2
I've never seen a flag fail to spawn. Templars, yes. Flags, no.

When assassinscreed-maps doesn't get it done, you've got to use the videos:
Home of the best interactive maps for AC2:
6 years ago#3

This is really weird then. I went very carefully and meticulously through the entire region using the map as a guide, and using the videos when necessary, and I'm 100% positive I got all the Richard flags. I know though that when I was just outside of Acre, in the soldiers camp, and I went down in that pit with the two flags that I got them together really fast and I thought that maybe the game just didn't count one of them for some reason.

I'm going to go through them all one last time to just make very, very sure, but I think I glitched :roll:

6 years ago#4
Not glitched.
6 years ago#5

Some areas look very similar so if you're comparing with the pictures on assassinacreed-maps, double check you are actually in the right spot. It happened to me a few times that I thought I was on the right building or dirt area but it was actually on the next one, but since they were so close, the view was almost identical.

6 years ago#6

OK, I'm convinced it's a glitch, maybe of my own doing, because I went through the Kingdom TWICE with the videos and maps again, very slowly, and all of the flags are gone. I guess the only thing to do is start another game and do it all over again?

6 years ago#7
If you do decide to start a new game then you can keep good records. Each time you collect a flag, make sure the pop-up box indicates the correct number gathered. According to the FAQ, sometimes it won't give you credit until you sync a viewpoint or save a citizen:

Print out a map and cross them off as you go. If you end up with 99/100 again, at least you'll know exactly which flag is giving you problems.
Home of the best interactive maps for AC2:
6 years ago#8

Thanks for the tips. I'll definitely do that next time :) I first started this game when it first came out, and just kinda collected flags randomly as I came across them... and then I didn't play for years. I'm on the same game I started back then lol So I don't know if that had something to do with it (because I've also transfered hdd content twice in that time as well). I dunno. I'm just going to start a new game.


6 years ago#9

I just wanted to note that I finally got all 100 Kingdom flags... they were all in the same places I checked before, so I really don't know what went wrong. However - this time, for the two flags in the pit outside of Acre, I collected them slowly and watched the game register both of them this time. I'm thinking this may have been the problem before.

So, just a note, if anyone else has a similar problem, perhaps that's what happened? But the only solution I found was starting a new game and collecting them all again.

6 years ago#10
Damnit, I think those two pit flags glitched for me too. I went through and got all the flags except for the last flag that says you need the ledge grab ability past memory block 3, so I should only be missing one, yet it says two missing. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!
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