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need video for informer flags in acre (Archived)BeTaSlip31/10/2012
Once again, eavesdropping not working? (Archived)AmayaSasaki41/7/2012
I'm glad I finally got this... (Archived)chase710101/6/2012
Robert's Death in the First Memory Block Confirmed (Archived)aurllcooljay41/4/2012
I'm stuck and its really bothering me.... (Archived)Snbunny10121/3/2012
Saracen Flags... (Archived)
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Guards doing Insane Deflect/Guard Break (Archived)DirgePortgaz412/28/2011
please, sir! i'm poor and sick a ongreh! (Archived)BornAgainDan412/21/2011
Objectives not showing up (Archived)WarriorsCreed412/20/2011
Jump Kill RT+A then X (Archived)DirgePortgaz312/13/2011
I'm happy with the free armor give-away but I'm wondering... (Archived)Icarusael312/4/2011
What is the White Meter in Pause Menu? (Archived)u2rocksbaby511/30/2011
eavesdropping not working? (Archived)AmayaSasaki111/25/2011
Doing a college work on Assassin's Creed (Archived)ClessBR611/23/2011
Combat broken or is it just me? (Archived)RentedToolbox611/5/2011
I played this again after AC2 and Brotherhood (Archived)Aegis_Runestone311/3/2011
We get told to enter the funeral with clerics but that doesn't seem possible (Archived)scowl_owl_2410/27/2011
So, i have been playing this game lately.... (Archived)Samurai162210/27/2011
it is in his wrist (Archived)Soldier235689710/25/2011
im probably the only one who has yet to finish the game...... (Archived)chata_602910/8/2011
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