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Can't kill Robert De Sable - how do you counter them breaking your defence? (Archived)EtherealSkys97/23/2011
Why does Altair get into a lot of straight up sword fights ? (Archived)VasDeferens77/16/2011
Any tips on 2nd playthrough.... (Archived)powerminotau37/15/2011
So you finally leave your town. Why are guards trying to stop you? (Archived)TheHeroOfDots47/15/2011
Should I get this? (Archived)Chayri37/13/2011
completed the game, anyway to startplaying straight away when i next play? (Archived)Overburdened37/11/2011
Why is this series so popular? (Archived)kenshee1111107/11/2011
Thinking of picking this up again... question!? (Archived)JKPSP37/4/2011
templar/flag Maps (Archived)Zulion27/2/2011
Just played for the first time (Archived)Helo_Pilot17/2/2011
e-mail passwords (Archived)Andham166/30/2011
that awkward moment... (Archived)THEJRod0976/29/2011
Can someone explain the ending? *Spoilers obviously* (Archived)tssc_21856/28/2011
My copy of this game won't go past the cutscene with the Bureau Leader in Acre (Archived)D_Mac105286/27/2011
Lucy Conversations Achievement (Archived)mbenton8826/25/2011
Looking for Your opinion on my following question...... (Archived)ZiggalyPiggaly46/23/2011
Just got AC1 and I am stuck (Archived)insanefreddy46/20/2011
help me please ? (Archived)hanamania36/15/2011
is altair muslim (Archived)
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Having lots of trouble staying with this game ... soo large soo slow soo dull .. (Archived)HELLWOLF0676/4/2011
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