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The Maps you pickpocket... (Archived)CaliMayh3m25/25/2011
Cant find investigations! (Archived)jtc800855/25/2011
Question about the end... (Archived)creilly8835/15/2011
Quick Question (Archived)creilly8885/14/2011
A friend lent me this game and i have questions (SPOILERS for upcomming games) (Archived)HELLWOLF0645/12/2011
Conversationalist (Archived)gamingdutchman25/12/2011
A Few More Questions :) (Archived)creilly8855/10/2011
how long will it take me to beat this game since i have beaten it before (Archived)tigerfoxkiller55/2/2011
just started playing for the first time. (Archived)bassage44/28/2011
does the Platinum Hits version have any extras? (Archived)cubegod69er14/19/2011
what do the colors indicated in eagle vision? (Archived)goto gooch24/12/2011
never played before, thinking about buying, looking for some info (Archived)ffalcons744/11/2011
Anyone else feel like you are killing for the wrong side in this one? *Spoilers* (Archived)Theghostlives54/6/2011
why all the hate? (Archived)
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Finding all Templars (Archived)vampslayer06933/31/2011
I cannot get these two View Points in Acre. (Archived)Aegis_Runestone43/27/2011
I have every achievement except conversationalist. (Archived)NocturnusTigris33/27/2011
Talal -- Awesome Second Assassination -Minor spoilers- (Archived)Aegis_Runestone103/25/2011
Memory Block 2 DNA Bar (Archived)ManillaRoad23/23/2011
Why are Guard hostile to me for no specific reason ? (Archived)Dragoner89103/23/2011
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