Equip Any Armor Glitch

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Here's my attempt at explaining TC's awesome glitch as well as how to choose the specific armor you want.

1. Go to the equipment screen and to the armor section
2. Decide what armor you wish to equip on your character. Then count UP from the LAST armor to the one you chose. e.g. Start at the bottom and go up 4 and there's the Colossus X armor.
3. Press X to enter the upgrades screen. Position the cursor over one of the upgrades. Now the trick is to press Y, wait a 1/2 second, then press A, as if you're trying to convert it to omni-gel. If done right, the screen will exit out of the Upgrades screen and back to the Armors screen, *but* the dialog box asking you if you want to convert the selection to omni-gel will still be displayed.
4. Press B to not convert to omni-gel.
5. Now you will see that instead of listing armors, the screen lists all of your armor upgrades. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the list.
6. Count UP the number of times you decided upon in step #2.
7. Select that armor, and viola.

And to clarify, it's not as if it will look like you are equipping Krogan armor on a Human character. What happens is that the game applies the chose armor's color palette to match the class of armor for that character. e.g. If you equip a Heavy Krogan armor that is black/red on a Human, you will get a Human Heavy armoer that is black/red in the right places. At least, that's what it looks like to me.
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Thanks! ^
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OK... after a brief screwing around, it seems that any non human special armors you glitch on humans will default to the Hydra skin.

Man... battlemaster on Garrus looks freaking awesome!
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Awesome, great find.
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taggidy tag
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'bump' nice find.
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An update on Turian armors... there are heavy armor variants of all armors except from Geth. I take it that Bioware at some point had Garrus capable of wearing heavy armor but decided to downgrade his ability, but left the skins in the game. Turian heavy armors have a panel sticking up to partly protect his face, similar to Phantom... no doubt that since Phantom is a special light armor with almost heavy armor-like stats, it shares some same design elements as heavy Turian armors. Anyways... heavy Predator has green camo, heavy Colossus has really cool looking red panel decorations.
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awesome glitch.i just put Wrex into some light armor and now he's wearing some really skin tight white,untextured armor.and now he only wields guns with one hand.i also put kaiden and garrus in heavy armor.they look pretty damn awesome.

the glitch doesn't seem to work with liara and tali though.the stats carry over but they still look the same
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Tag, awesome find
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