how do i get my squad to take cover?????

#1ROADRAGE666666Posted 7/10/2008 9:30:51 AM
Every time I press the D-pad for them to take cover they just stand there and die. What am I doing wrong?
#2ChipSMUNCPosted 7/10/2008 9:48:52 AM
I've also had problems with d-pad commands. If d-down doesn't work, center your view where you want them to take cover and press d-up; they'll automatically cover behind anything adjacent to them.
#3FinneganPosted 7/10/2008 10:07:19 AM
Regardless of what the manual claims D-pad down does, all it actually does is tell them to hold their current position... exactly where they are... even if they're out in the open. To get them to take cover, either have them following you naturally (d-pad left), and they'll take cover on their own when they're close to it, or direct them to cover manually with d-pad up, and they'll run to it and crouch behind it, staying there until you order them otherwise.