Weapon for Liara?

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User Info: joshosetsfire

8 years ago#1
I have been looking around but have yet to find anything useful when it comes to outfitting Liara.

What weapon do you usually equip her with?

User Info: one_man_assault

8 years ago#2
Usually with a pistol

User Info: SeekerOfPastHor

8 years ago#3
Pistol. I accessorize it with Combat Optics X (in order to protect my radar from jamming and to improve her pitiful accuracy) and with a Rail Extension X (for damage). I usually load it with Highly Explosive Rounds X (for damage and for area-of-effect).
It gets overheated fast, but she uses Biotics more, anyway.

User Info: Sirius345

8 years ago#4
Since she has no weapons training at all I just give her a spectre X sniper rifle with high explosive rounds.

User Info: MiniKiller

8 years ago#5

typically classes that dont have any options to put points into a weapon, it means they can ONLY accuratly use the pistol
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User Info: Amrath

8 years ago#6
I've only used her once and seem to do okay with an assault rifle. Although I was playing an infiltrator, so in an odd way the other squad members being incompetent is a benefit.
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