Lorik Quinn mission question (I think something is screwed up!)

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8 years ago#1
My mission is to speak to Lorik Quinn at the hotel bar. He asks me to sit and talk, but I automatically say "I have to go" and end the conversation. No matter what I try, this is the result, with no other options. My mission objectives still say I need to talk to him, but the game wont let me! Is this a game glitch, or did I do something wrong? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated... by the way, this game is great!
8 years ago#2
8 years ago#3
i have the same problem and idk what to do =(
8 years ago#4
please help us
8 years ago#5
What has probably happened is that you've made a decision in the past that subverts this side mission. I haven't played in about nine months, but if I remember correctly you can leave Lorik Quinn out altogether based on decisions that you make.
8 years ago#6
hmm but its a main missions
8 years ago#7
any1 know?
8 years ago#8
I vaguely remember you can get a pass directly from Anoleis (sp?). Something about ratting on the hanar...? Sorry, that's all I can recall.
8 years ago#9
I recall OCD people whining about something like they completed Noveria without dealing with Lorik, but the Lorik mission stayed open. If that's the problem, it won't stop you from completing the game.
8 years ago#10
You have 3 opportunities to get a garage pass: Anoleis, Parasini, and Lorik.

Anoleis: If you rat out the hanar, Anoleis will give you a garage pass, thus everyone else is voided out. Your "Get a garage pass" mission ends here.

Parasini: Successfully getting Lorik to testify will get you a garage pass from Parasini, but you'll have already started the Lorik sidequest by this time, so no damage done.

Lorik: If you give Lorik the evidence without talking to Parasini/getting Lorik to testify, Lorik gives you his garage pass.

If you do the Anoleis route, you will NOT be able to talk to Lorik at all. You all probably ratted the Hanar out. And since your Lorik side mission was introduced, but not started, it stays in your missions screen until you beat the game.
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