It is bloody impossible to make a good looking male Shepard...

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7 years ago#11
why bother messing up the already super hot (male)Shepard? Think about what makes a man attractive and make his face look like that. if you are a breeder though i understand how that could be difficult.
7 years ago#12
I have three or four male characters, and they all look just fine. For that matter, I'd say one turned out unexpectedly well.

While the female characters don't look bad, I found it extremely difficult to make them look different beyond basic coloring and hairstyles.
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7 years ago#13
I managed to make a David Bowie lookalike. I had a decent female, too. It really just depends on the light.
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7 years ago#14
it is not easy at all... i ended up with a guy who looks like a fusion of me and john rambo... he is pretty good looking, im not gonna lie
7 years ago#15
They need more hair for the guys. I'm a renegade Spectre, but my hair must be military regulation?
7 years ago#16
I try to make all of my RPG characters, like in Oblivion, Fallout 3, and this one, look Asian.


Make him Asian and you're set.
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7 years ago#17
^ I tried that but it didn't really work. He looked really weird. I'm sticking with female sheps from now on.
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7 years ago#18
I created a custom shepard first time round but, after that I just chose the presets. Having no impact on the gameplay itself, I just didn't find it important.
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7 years ago#19
Default Shep is pretty damn good-looking. He should be, he's based on a frickin' supermodel:

And it is possible, just try messing around with the bone structure. Don't just change the eyes and nose and think that you're gonna get great results. My Shepherd looks pretty good imho, I'd post him if I had a digital camera or a capture card...
7 years ago#20
1. Most "supermodels" are ugly. They have ugly faces and they're too skinny/flat. Need more muscle/curves.

2. The default Shepard is not attractive to me at all.

3. Attractiveness is all a matter of opinion anyway.

4. As I stated before, there needs to be more hair options. Longer hair than buzzcuts and crewcuts.
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  3. It is bloody impossible to make a good looking male Shepard...

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