Now that we have a pretty good idea of what actions move on through ME3(spoilers

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3 years ago#1
Which sidequests are worth the time and which are not? I'm trying to run through this again but don't care to do a whole bunch of random crap to get 5 war assets or something in the end or a cutscene.

Sooo IYO which quests are worth either the ME1 reward or have some application in ME2/3 that is important?
3 years ago#2
Virtually none of them, really. Almost everything that truly matters in terms of actual changes to ME3 is encompassed by the main story missions.

My own unofficial list of events outside of the main storyline:

- Asari Writings
- Elkoss Combine Licenses
- Gavin Hossle's data
- Dr. Michel's blackmail quest
- Not punching Khalisa Al-Jilani
- All of the Zhu's Hope stuff leading to success/failure of the colony (with a few minor extra dialogue changes in ME2)
- Killing/sparing Balak in BDTS.

- Helena Blake (Hostile Takeover quests)
- Conrad Verner (The Fan)
- Jenna (Rita's Sister)

- Wrex's Family Armor (Not because it is critical on its own, but because it makes saving Wrex in an otherwise barebones run much easier)
- Romancing someone you want to romance/cheat on later

From what I've gathered, everything else is:
- Something you will unavoidably encounter completing the game
- Related to some insignificant ME2/ME3 change like an email or barely-different dialogue.
- Something so minor I've managed to never notice it matters


Since I've got the list open and someone reading this probably has similar thoughts about ME2, the number of ME2 sidequests that matter is similarly limited. Do all of the Main/Loyalty missions, Romance whoever, and you've got nearly everything covered. Beyond that:

- Upgrade the Normandy (War Assets)
- Buy Chakwas her booze (extra scene)
- Do the main DLC missions (Broker, Overlord, Arrival; War Assets mostly)
- Blue Rose of Illium (ME3 sidequest impact)
- Conrad Verner (ME3 appearance, War Assets)
- Medical Scans (War Assets)
- Don't punch Al-Jilani (War Assets)
- Talk to the bartender on Illium (extra scene, War Assets)
- Have some extra minerals on board (War Assets)
- Something about being Kelly Chambers' friend, buying some very specific fish, and keeping it alive all the way to a ME3 New Game+. Easily the most work for the least reward on the list so I didn't even write down the details.

Everything else I know of for ME2 gives you very minor dialogue changes, emails, etc.
3 years ago#3
If you don't care about a few points of war assets, or a brief cut scene and/or cameo, or an easter egg... then none of them really. That pretty much sums up all of the quests that carry over.
Stay thirsty, my friend.
3 years ago#4
Thanks for that in-depth list very very much. I assumed most of the stuff didn't really mean that much.
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